Why does CCB help students

Individual support
at the Comenius-Gymnasium

The Comenius-Gymnasium takes its motto 'Omnes, omnia, omnino' - to teach everything completely - seriously and relates it to the fact that people are different and therefore have different needs in terms of successful learning. Therefore, the aspect of individual support and demands is particularly important at our school. In 2010 this led to the fact that we were awarded the seal of approval “Individual Support”, which, according to the North Rhine-Westphalian School Ministry, means “to give other schools stimulation and orientation so that they can also follow the path of sustainable individual support for their students in their educational work and schoolgirls can go. "

The following is a brief overview of the various areas of individual support.

In addition to the internally differentiated classes, the Comenius-Gymnasium offers a variety of additional support options:

  • The Learning time model In addition to the supervised preparation of learning time tasks, it also enables targeted support in the core subjects through specific support tasks in the support specialist rooms.
  • Be in middle school Funding hours offered in the core subjects.
  • The program “Students help studentsn “supports the learning success in the core subjects and places the emphasis on the advantages of cooperative learning.
  • The program "Learn learn“Methodically accompanies schoolchildren of all grades on their way.
  • Numerous Working groups complement the school offer in order to better take into account the individual interests of the pupils.
  • Various Exchange programs (Australia, France, Spain, USA) enable an intensive examination of modern foreign languages ​​and intercultural aspects of learning.
  • The Comenius-Gymnasium sets another accent in the field of Promotion of the gifted: Talented pupils are efficiently promoted through various enrichment programs in close cooperation with the House of Talents Düsseldorf (formerly CCB), the Heinrich Heine University (studying before the Abitur), school and study academies and other institutions.
  • The Business and professional orientation represents a school focus and accompanies the students throughout their entire school career. Among other things, various internships and career development seminars, career and study advice, the project course "business @ school" (secondary level II) and the subject "Business English" with an associated certificate from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce are offered (secondary level II).
  • The Popular sport orientation of the Comenius Gymnasium is expressed, for example, in the fitness promotion lesson as part of the “Modern School Fitness” concept and numerous sports competitions in which our students successfully participate year after year. The health orientation of the Comenius-Gymnasium is shown not least in the fact that, for the first time in 2009, we were awarded the “Good Healthy School” school development award. Since the 2015/16 school year, a sports project course (secondary level II) has been offered every year, combined with the offer to acquire a high-quality trainer license in the fitness area.


Please refer to our website for detailed information on the above-mentioned offers.