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Trend magazine Variocryl stair clear lacquer. ColourFutures and WoodFutures. We are responsible. Update Zweihorn Oracle.


1 Trendmagazin 2016 ColourFutures and WoodFutures Update Zweihorn Orakel We are responsible for Variocryl stair clear varnish

2 Imprint The contents of this brochure were created with great care. We do not assume any liability for the correctness, completeness and topicality. Current information on our products, such as technical data sheets and safety data sheets, can be found on the Internet at. Any color deviations are due to the printing process. The content created by us on these pages is subject to German copyright law. The duplication, processing, distribution and any kind of exploitation outside the limits of copyright require the written consent of Akzo Nobel Hilden GmbH. Copies of this brochure are only permitted for private, non-commercial use. Insofar as the content on these pages was not created by Akzo Nobel Hilden GmbH, the copyrights of third parties are observed. In particular contents of third parties are marked as such. Should you nevertheless become aware of a copyright infringement, we request that you notify us accordingly. Trend magazine 2016, status

3 Zweihorn Trendmagazin Editorial Dear Reader, Wood coating creates the future: This is the motto of the activities in The future of surface design: Above all, this means developing innovative products and services that inspire you and revolutionize the market. Environmentally friendly and sustainable product solutions, such as Zweihorn water-based paints and natural products, play an increasingly important role, also from the point of view of the end consumer. Our color and wood trends also promise a colorful future. We will inform you about this and many other interesting topics on the following pages. Your Zweihorn Team Contents 04 The future lives on ideas 06 Wood and color trends Interactive advice 10 Sustainability at Zweihorn 12 Know-how primers 14 Innovative solutions 16 Live lectures 18 Sustainability at AkzoNobel 3


5 When innovation becomes reality The future lives on ideas That is the motto of our product campaign launched in 2013, which focuses on the innovation of the Zweihorn brand and the creativity of the craft. As part of the campaign, we worked with an artist to develop a series of futuristic wood refinement objects, from sketches to three-dimensional computer images. In this way we want to show what can be done with wood as a material and with the innovative Zweihorn products for design-oriented wood refinement. When ideas become tangible We used the ten motifs created in this way for a variety of advertising materials, from product brochures and advertisements to poster calendars. The highlight, however, is the implementation of the unusual design objects in real wooden objects by the students and teachers at the Melle wood college. This proved that ideas can and should shape our future design world. The latest example of this is the egg-shaped bed, which has become a reality again thanks to the Melle wood college. With its elegant and futuristic design it is an unmistakable eye-catcher and demonstrates, especially with regard to the surface quality, the processing and performance of the Zweihorn products Wigranit Isolierfüller IF, Wigrantit Novacolor WNC and the Crystallit deep matt clearcoat CL-TM. And even if such an extraordinary design object makes you wide awake: Many a viewer will surely long for a relaxing nap in our egg bed. Holz-Handwerk 2014 With the exhibited objects from the Zweihorn campaign The future lives from ideas, the futuristic concepts became Parts of a real, design-oriented room design made tangible. The dynamically shaped Crystallit chair, the curved NHWO bathtub and the free-floating APB desk were real crowd pullers. The future is colored Zweihorn fillers and colored lacquers offer a wide range of options for opaque coating and decorative design of wood and wood-based materials. Some of them can also be used for painting glass, metal and plastic without a special primer. All paint mixing systems, solvent-based or water-based, are available in almost all common colors such as B. NCS, RAL, Sikkens or according to customer samples available. In addition, numerous effects or useful surfaces offer other interesting alternatives to creative surface design. Regardless of whether you opt for solvent-based or water-based structures, all system components are 100% coordinated with one another. They are of high quality and technologically state-of-the-art and offer numerous user advantages for a perfect, professional result. You will find everything you need to know about this topic in the new Buntlack brochure The future is colored. You can find the download for this on our website. For printed copies, please ask your Zweihorn specialist advisor. 5

6 COLOR OF THE YEAR 2016 GOLDOCKER ColourFutures & WoodFutures Bring color into the game! Colors and color worlds play an important role in modern living space design. It is all the more important that you know which color and wood trends are currently setting the tone. With the ColourFutures and WoodFutures compendium from the Zweihorn and Sikkens Wood Coatings brands, you are always up to date when it comes to the stylish combination of color and wood for exclusive interior design. With ColourFutures we present you the color of the year, corresponding color worlds and selected color tones that harmonize perfectly within these color worlds. WoodFutures combines these color palettes with the element wood and presents you with different oiled, stained or lacquered wood samples as well as the matching trend woods. Become a trend consultant Let yourself be inspired by the creative combinations of the current color and surface trends and become a trend expert in 2016: With ColourFutures and WoodFutures you can clearly demonstrate the interplay of color and wood to your customers during a consultation Make the right choice together. Use the Zweihorn Compendium and our innovative quality products to inspire your customers and to confidently implement trendy design ideas: As a Zweihorn customer, you can get ColourFutures and WoodFutures free of charge from your sales representative or directly from Zweihorn. You can also view the compendium online at.

7 The color trends 2016 Golden times Based on the latest results of AkzoNobel trend research, independent design and trend experts in conjunction with our lead color experts have defined the trend stories and color palettes for 2016. The result: fascinating worlds of color and innovative ideas for creative living space design. Look in both directions This is the motto for the color and wood trends of the year. Because to shape the future, you need the inspiration of the past and an inspiring look in both directions. So that the trends and ideas of tomorrow can emerge from apparent opposites. The most important wood designs for 2016 must all be viewed in interaction with one another and in relation to their opposites. Opposites create tension and make things appear different and often more valuable. Technology has become such an important part of our lives that we are beginning to appreciate printed books or pencil and paper again. Wood and glass, wood and metal, wood and stone are indeed different materials, but when combined correctly, they all gain in value. Contrasts are therefore visible in all our current trends and shape our color worlds. The color of the year: Gold ocher When we were looking for a color that reflected the trend of looking in both directions, it became clear to us that all the important trends for 2016 were gold Item included. That's why we decided on a gold ocher. On the one hand, it is bright enough to attract attention, and on the other hand, it can be perfectly combined with other colors. Last but not least, gold and gold tones are used throughout the design world: gold is ubiquitous as a color and material in design, architecture, fashion, beauty and interior design. For this color of the year we have created a color palette that inspires creative mixtures with very different effects, whether relaxed, neutral combination or surprise effect. Color trends 2016 ORIGIN & Future Words & PICTURES Light & DARKNESS FREEDOM & Raster Download ColourFutures and WoodFutures from the Internet or request your personal copy 7

8 Surface design made easy: Zweihorn ORAKEL your interactive advisor

9 Step by step to the perfect surface: With ORAKEL, the Zweihorn brand from AkzoNobel has developed the first interactive advisor that has an answer to all questions about surface finishing. On / orakel, ORAKEL guides the user through an intuitively operable selection menu to the desired solution, from the object to the type of wood, the color selection and the desired properties up to a complete construction recommendation. This can then be saved or printed out with one click. ORAKEL is rounded off by technical data sheets and tips on cleaning and caring for surfaces. Updated version with new functions The new, revised version of ORAKEL offers an extended range of functions, for example with more precise selection criteria for the properties of the product structure you are looking for, as well as an even clearer presentation with numerous images. In addition, ORAKEL has now also been optimized for use with mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablet computers, the best conditions for use in consultation with the customer on site. In this way, you can quickly and reliably find the right recommendation for the surface design. Improved technology Perfectly optimized for computers and mobile devices Improved structuring Multilingual output Improved functions Filtering of the assembly recommendation according to properties such as - stress - chemical resistance - scratch resistance Perfect assembly description step by step 9

10 Welcome to Planet Possible As a brand of the AkzoNobel Group, one of the world's leading companies in the paint and coatings industry, the Zweihorn brand has firmly anchored the topic of sustainability in its strategy. Two aspects in particular play a central role for us: We want to offer our customers environmentally friendly products for professional wood refinement in the interior and at the same time make the production processes more and more resource-efficient. That is why we support the AkzoNobel Group's Planet Possible sustainability approach. The goal: to create more value while using fewer resources at the same time and to use the resulting opportunities successfully. More value with fewer resources: our sustainability strategy

11 Sustainability for your interior design Welcome to Planet Possible We have summarized the most important information from the point of view of the AkzoNobel Group and the Zweihorn brand in this 4-page brochure. Include it in your offer and show your customers that you value sustainability and that you use the appropriate products. You can obtain the brochure from your Zweihorn sales representative, wholesaler or download it from our website. Sustainable surface systems - tested safety The Zweihorn range already includes a large number of environmentally friendly products for surface finishing, such as our VOC-compliant water-based paints and natural products. Our 2K solvent paints can also be used indoors without hesitation. Seal of approval from independent institutes, for example the Tox Control seal or the seal of approval for health and environmentally conscious building materials and furnishings, confirm the environmental compatibility and offer processors and end customers additional security. In the recently published flyer Welcome to Planet Possible, we have summarized the most important cornerstones of our sustainability strategy as well as information on environmentally friendly products from Zweihorn for you and your customers. Request now free of charge at :. Tested safety for your home Our water-based paints have the Tox Control seal for low-emission furniture coatings and parts of the range also have the monitoring mark for building products (e.g. parquet, wooden floors), which meet the health protection requirements set by the German Institute for Building Technology. The natural products have the seal of approval for health and environmentally conscious building materials and furnishings from the Institute for Building Biology in Rosenheim. Even our two-component solvent-based paints meet the strict requirements of the Tox Control Seal. * 1 * 2 * 3 FSC and climate neutral FSC stands for the Forest Stewardship Council, which promotes the environmentally friendly management of forests. We print our catalogs, brochures and advertising material exclusively on FSC-certified paper and at printers that produce in a climate-neutral manner. Where possible, we also use mineral oil-free paints. The best paints and varnishes for a healthy home! * 1 For Zweihorn products that carry the surveillance mark (Ü), you can apply for a CE mark for components such as parquet, stairs, etc. The surveillance mark (Ü) is given to construction products that comply with the technical requirements for health protection made by the DIBT (German Institute for Building Technology). * 2 Institute for Building Biology Rosenheim GmbH: The seal of approval is awarded to products that ensure environmentally safe living and at the same time protect the environment. * 3 Tox Control The seal for low-emission furniture coatings: The test for the TÜV Tox-proof mark examines the release of harmful substances, including from furniture. More information on 11

12 Zweihorn Brooches: This is how the surface works! Whether stains, varnishes or natural products: Zweihorn offers its customers a comprehensive range of products for professional wood surface refinement in the interior. We have developed the Zweihorn primers for you so that you always achieve the best results when processing: They contain valuable information and tips & tricks from professionals for professionals. Starting with the basic knowledge of the respective topic, through preparation and processing to cleaning and care: Everything is explained step by step, clearly laid out and with numerous helpful illustrations.

13 Pages of concentrated know-how for your success The Zweihorn parquet primer For perfect parquet refinement and care. Parquet floors have been growing in popularity for years. In this Zweihorn primer you will learn how to professionally refine parquet or cork floors, but also how old floors can be renovated with our high-quality products. The Zweihorn natural trend primer useful information about natural refinement. Finishing wooden surfaces naturally: In this guide you will find basic knowledge about natural products, important tips for perfect preparation and natural finishing of wooden surfaces with Zweihorn natural trend products as well as instructions for care and repair. The Zweihorn Correct Primer Your ultimate correction advisor. The unique Zweihorn Correct concept for surface correction is ideal for repairing damage to wood and wooden materials or plastic surfaces. In our correct primer you will find tips and illustrated instructions for quick and economical damage repair as well as the appropriate Zweihorn products. The Zweihorn primers are available free of charge from your Zweihorn dealer, your Zweihorn sales representative or online. 13th

14 Variocryl Stair Clear Lacquer Noiseless Stairs With the new, water-based Variocryl Stair Clear Lacquer VC-T, Zweihorn is introducing an innovative product that is unique on the market and will bring a smile to the faces of many owners of wooden stairs that have previously creaked. Because even in the 1K version, Variocryl Stair Clear VC-T is absolutely creak-free on mortised or saddled wooden stairs and withstands high mechanical loads. As a 2K variant with the standard water-based paint hardener PWH 3200, both the mechanical stress and the chemical resistance are further improved. Attractive surfaces with a natural character With Variocryl stair clear varnish VC-T in the gloss levels silk matt and matt, stair surfaces can be designed in interior construction that meet modern lifestyle requirements and underline the natural character of wood. The product is also ideal for use on furniture and table tops. The Variocryl stair clear varnish VC-T can be optimally applied to Variocryl Color Buntlack VCC and all Zweihorn stains. It is lightfast and therefore does not yellow, which is particularly important with white and light colors.A whole range of properties that will make you sit up and take notice even if the stairs are silent in the future! Variocryl stair clear varnish VC-T Transparent 1K / 2K PUR stair clear varnish for very heavy use Creak-free, cream and grease resistant even in 1K, therefore especially suitable for caulked and saddled wooden stairs Extremely abrasion, scratch and slip-resistant as a 2K stair varnish Roll- and brushable Also excellent for coating highly stressed components and furniture.

15 The new all-round filler AF The filler for every situation The new Wigranit 2K-PUR all-round filler AF is a real all-rounder and is also ideally designed for mass production. It is a solvent-based, white pigmented, very good filling and, after drying, good sanding 2K filler even on difficult substrates. Perfectly suited for the covering primer of wood and wooden materials, solid and veneered wood and MDF for all furniture surfaces in the interior. It can also be used on MDF without insulation (not for damp rooms). What makes it special is an extremely smooth surface. Extremely smooth surfaces Versatile use 3-layer board Chipboard with primer film MDF board solid wood Advantages at a glance Meets the following test standards Without insulation for MDF (except for damp rooms) Very good filling Can be sanded after 4 hours Extremely smooth surfaces EN 71-3 / 9 Free of soluble heavy metals / chemical elements (CE suitability) Flame retardant in accordance with IMO Resolution A.653, USCG approval Requirements for kitchen furniture surfaces in accordance with DIN with regard to resistance to changing climates Available from April 2016! Can be sanded very quickly 15

16 live recordings of the specialist lectures on the occasion of the Holzhandwerk / Frontale 2016 Secure your knowledge advantage! We look forward to presenting you with exciting specialist lectures on interesting topics. All topics of our lectures Sustainability Harald Lory, Marketing AkzoNobel The topic is examined from the point of view of the AkzoNobel Group and the brands Sikkens Wood Coatings and Zweihorn. The Planet Possible sustainability approach is explained, current, environmentally friendly solutions are explained and the 2020 goals are shown. Color and Wood Trends 2016 (ColourFutures & WoodFutures) Harald Lory, Marketing AkzoNobel The lecture shows which color and wood trends will set the tone in the future. Furthermore, it is demonstrated how you can use your know-how professionally in customer discussions with the compendium ColourFutures and WoodFutures. Sustainable building with wood and icons of architecture with wood Thomas Bertram, Architect We are pleased to have Thomas Bertram as a speaker. He has prepared two interesting presentations for you: - Sustainable building with wood - Icons of architecture with wood This will give you valuable information about how wood is used for building objects. The future lives from ideas (unrealistic objects) Roland Cramer, Technical School of Wood Technology Melle Roland Cramer explains how the virtual Zweihorn campaign objects could be implemented as real, futuristic design objects in cooperation with students from the Technical School of Wood Technology in Melle. Let yourself be inspired! Thomas Palm, Laboratory Manager Solution Finishes EMEA, AkzoNobel explains lacquer science in a funny way. A bit of fun is a must. Lacquer customer from a humorous point of view. It's worth experiencing! You can find all lectures on our website

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18 Sustainability in the AkzoNobel Group Our commitment is to do more with less We know that for our own success and that of our customers we have to do more with less, because the resources of our world are limited. This drives us to think, develop and operate sustainably. For this reason, sustainability is one of the most important components of our corporate culture and strategy, alongside the health and safety of our employees and customers. The air-conditioned greenhouses in Gardens by the Bay in Singapore, Southeast Asia. With a height of almost 60 meters, the air-conditioned greenhouses won the prestigious World Building of the Year award at the World Architecture Festival in 2012. AkzoNobel products: Interzinc, Intergard and Interthane as protective coatings

19 Sustainable product solutions Our various business areas, such as B. paints and varnishes strive to develop better and more sustainable products and technologies for everyday use. We have a whole range of sustainable innovations that can be found in the built environment, such as B. Dulux Weathershield Sun Reflex, a special paint that reduces surface heat from the sun and thus minimizes air conditioning costs. Zweihorn water-based lacquers reduce VOC emissions by approx. 94% compared to conventional solvent-based lacquers and that with the same surface quality. There are also paints that do not contain any solvents, such as Interpon powder paint. You will find our expert solutions across all segments, such as facades, windows, doors, furniture, bridges, constructions, vehicles, ships, aircraft, etc. Sustainability goals The share of sales with sustainable products in 2020 should be at least 20%. These should of course also offer customers or consumers advantages in using these products. We want to reduce our CO 2 emissions per 1 ton of product by more than 25% by 2020. This is an important step to improve our climate! Our position has been in first place in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices every year since 2012. We are committed to working with our customers and suppliers to create sustainable values ​​along the entire supply chain and to support the sustainability programs of our partners. 19th

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