What was cool in elementary school

The cool Hector

A trip to Amrum

In April, two classes from the Mielkendorf primary school went on a class trip to a school camp in Amrum. Several children summarized the results as follows:

The cool Hector
The first time we saw Hector on Amrum at the ship unloading our suitcases. Hector doesn't speak German very well because he was Peruvian.
When we arrived at Ban Horn / Amrum, we first unpacked the suitcases in our room. And then the day was over. The next day, Hector finally opened the kiosk.
But first we had to withdraw money from the bank.
Hector was really cool and everyone in our class bought a bracelet from Hektor.
In the evening the best came and that was the disco that Hector directed. With mega cool songs. Everyone made the seal.
On the last day, at seven o'clock, Hector invited our suitcases. Then we unfortunately had to say goodbye to the cool Hector.

The lighthouse
On Wednesday, April 24th, 2019, we took the bus for 10 minutes to the bus stop at the lighthouse. We hiked another 5 min and then we saw the lighthouse.
When we were there we all wanted to go up to the lighthouse. Only Ms. Kirchner and 3 girls were not free from giddiness. Some children had their disposable cameras with them and took pictures of the wide view. The wind blew a cap off a child.
Fortunately, the hat hadn't gone that far.
Then we went back down and found the hat and brought it to the owner. Then we went down the infinitely long stairs that brought us to the exit.
Downstairs we could buy a little something at the kiosk, e.g. bracelets, postcards, small lighthouses, small pendants, cups and bags.
It was a nice outing with our class.
(Brigina / Finnja)

The mudflat hike
On Thursday, April 25th, we were woken up by the morning music.
We had breakfast around the great hall. Then a woman in front of the front door explained to us how we should behave in the mudflats.
So we went to the beach. We had to answer questions there. Ann we could finally go.
We had groups in which we had to solve tasks. We found a large number of mussels, including the vaginal clam, cockle and mud snail.
The mud flats are the most common, smallest and fastest snails in the mud flats. She clings to the wave festival with her slime and surfs. In the end we got a treasure because we did so well.

The disco
We had a disco on Wednesday evening.
We heard several songs and were allowed to dance and sing along to them. We have, for example, the songs: do the seal, helicopter 117, Macarena danced. There was a fog machine, colored lights and a disco ball.
( Lilly )

The seal banks
On Wednesday, after the lighthouse, we hiked 30 minutes to the ferry because we wanted to see the seals.
We got on a small ferry and drove off. After a long time we arrived at the seal banks. We had to be very quiet.
The seals were very cute and we had a lot of fun.
Some also took photos of the seals. A few got a little bad. It was a beautiful day.