Is rock music popular in Latin America

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Xixa - Cumbia in psychedelic

Concert report on the live performance of the Chicha band Xixa in Hafen2 in Offenbach am Main on April 30th, 2016.

The most famous Latin rock bands

Latin music and rock music began to combine more closely in the 80s: all kinds of traditional Latin music rhythms and percussion or piano riffs were integrated into the rock genre. Here is a list of the most important musicians in this development.

The most important salsa singers and bands from Latin America

Originally created in New York, today it is often used as a synonym for Cuban music, but is now especially popular in Colombia, Peru and Venezuela: salsa. Here is a list of your most famous musicians.

The most important bachata and merengue musicians from Latin America

Merengue is a style from the Dominican Republic that is played relatively quickly, as is Bachata, which is similarly fast and characterized by high, lively guitars.

The most famous cumbia musicians from Latin America

The cumbia is a Colombian style of music that has now spread to all of Latin America.

Latin Music News # 10 - News from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Cuba

The tenth edition of Latin Mag News is done and with it a column for Latin Music has been established that should be unique in German-speaking countries.

Important duos of the Música Sertaneja from Brazil

A kind of country music from the Brazilian hinterland Sertão, usually performed by two singers.

Brazilian samba and choro artists

Here is a list of the most famous choral and samba musicians in Brazil.

Well-known Baião musicians from Brazil

The Baião is a dance and rhythm from the Brazilian northeast. Here is a list of the most important bands and artists in this style of music.

The main axé and samba reggae artists (Brazil)

In the state of Bahia, Axé and Samba-Reggae are particularly popular music styles, where they arose from influences from West Africa and Jamaica. Here is a list of the most important musicians in these styles.

The most important rock musicians and bands from Brazil

Brazilian rock music is interesting when it goes its own way and they are usually best when they fall back on Brazilian music or experiment with other styles. The most interesting musicians and bands are therefore rather untypical in the sense of classical rock music.

The most famous musicians of the Bossa Nova

The bossa nova is a mixture of slow samba rhythms and cool jazz, with subtle singing. Here is a list of their most important artists.