Alfie is a Lebanese given name

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First nameOrigin / meaningAbelTranslated, this biblical boy name means "breath" or "transience". Abel is known from the Old Testament as the brother of Cain, both sons of Adam and Eve.AdamAdam is the Hebrew word for man. Together with his wife Eve, Adam was created in the image of God and after the fall of man they were driven out of paradise.AdinAdin is a name with a beautiful meaning. The name is derived from the Hebrew word "adah" and means something like "the adorned one".AdrianThis first name was originally intended for boys. But since the 1950s it has also been used for girls - mainly in the USA.AdrielDespite its beautiful sound, the name is quite unknown. Adriel means in translation "God's majesty".AeneasThis Greek boy's name is pronounced “Aeneas” and translated means “praised” or “praised”.AganAgan means “shooting star” and is therefore a Turkish boy's name that inspires dreams and wishes.AidenThis popular American boy first name actually comes from Ireland. Translated, Aiden means "small and fiery". With this name you give your son temperament.AkioA cheerful Japanese given name that has several positive meanings: Akio is a "happy, shining child" and the "child of love".AlainThis French first name for boys originally comes from the Celtic and means "the rock".AlaniAlani is a Hawaiian given name, which means "heaven child". It can be given to girls and boys alike and is quite rare in Germany. Unusuality is guaranteed.AlexanderAlexander is also a classic that will never go out of style - not even as a middle name. Alexander comes from ancient Greek and is the man who fends off the strange men.AlexisAlexis comes from ancient Greek and is translated as "the help" or "the defense". An almost heroic boy name!AlfieThe English boy's name Alfie is unusual and sugar-sweet, making it 14th in the list of the most popular names. As a short form of Alfred Alfie means "wise counselor".AliAli is an Arabic boy name. It means "the sublime" or "the noble". Ali is a cousin of the Prophet Muhammad. The fourth caliph of Islam was also called Ali.AlyoshaThis name, which comes from Russian, is a melodic and sonorous boy name. Aljoscha is derived from Alexander and translates as "who fends off men".AlkimThe name Alkin is similarly magical. It means "rainbow" and therefore stands above all for fantasy.Alois (Loisl)This old high German name is a classic among Bavarian first names. Alois means “the wise” or “famous”. In Bavaria, Alois likes to become Loisl or LoisiAmonAmon is a name that also appears in the Bible. Translated from the Hebrew, it can be understood as “loyal and reliable” - virtues that everyone wants for their offspring!AnatoliusAnatolius means sunrise and indeed such a baby is a real sunrise every dayAndreasA classic middle name for boys is Andreas: you can't go wrong with this name! This name is translated as "male".Andreas (Anderl, Andi)Andreas is still a very popular Bavarian given name of Greek origin. Translated, Andreas means “the male” or “the brave”. The belittling of Anderl is typically Bavarian.AnianiAniani is a male given name, which means "glass", "mirror" and "window" when translated.Anton (Toni)Toni, the priceless, is a typical Bavarian boy's name. It goes back to the Roman family name Antonius or the son of Hercules in Greek mythology.AnuenueAnuenue can be used for both boys and girls. This first name has the wonderful meaning "rainbow".Aragorn