Injoy is a money making app

Jugl is your network for active and passive income on the Internet. Now you can make money with live video streaming too!

This is how you can now build up a second income straight away:

Get the brand new app! Anyone who has something interesting to say can now go online with their own live stream. The Juglers can watch the live videos and reward the live station with likes or gifts. For every like and every gift you will receive a credit in our virtual Jugl currency, which you can cash out against real euros. And the best. You can build your own youth network and earn money from the income of your networkers!

Start your additional income now!

For live streamers:

Become a live streamer yourself. Are you particularly good at something? Maybe you can talk about repairing cars? Perhaps you are particularly familiar with filling out forms for authorities? Perhaps you have particularly good ideas on how to invest your money? Maybe you've always wanted to start your own cooking show? Maybe you just look good and other people enjoy watching and listening to you?
Everyone has an individual strength. Start your own live stream, give it a meaningful name and collect viewers. If your content is good, the kids will just fly to you and you will have an active income with things that you enjoy.
With an interesting live stream you actively earn Jugls, one Jugl for every like, for gifts up to 1000 Jugl per gift!

You were there for the first live streamers, were you able to get people excited about you and your audience wants to see or hear more from you? Then you can receive 1: 1 live video requests. You determine how much Jugl the caller has to pay you per minute. With every minute that the conversation lasts, you actively earn Jugl. You can also earn even more with likes or gifts! This is how you turn your knowledge, your appearance or your thoughts into hard cash.

For networkers

Don't want to live stream yourself? Just invite people to your Jugl network who have something to say. Ask Youtuber if you'd rather earn really good money on Jugl instead of being rewarded with cents for your videos. Ask specialists you know if you want to build an income on the side. Think of something for yourself, which interesting people you know. If only one person starts successfully on, you will earn money with each of their income. Completely passive, without you having to do anything for it in the future. Just log in regularly and count Jugl. Your passive income will go through the roof.

For all:
You're just looking for entertainment. Advice and help from others. Or do you need support. On you will always find live streams from users on a wide variety of topics. Look inside. Give the stream a gift or a like if you like it. Discover the world from home!

The app is brand new and is constantly being further developed. We still have a lot of ideas for new functions, these will be added in weekly updates. The app grows with you and you can finally start juggling!