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Oh, Pannenbaum in Berlin : Can't complain

In the beginning there was the greatest praise. "It finally looks like a tree," shouted a cyclist at the sight of the towering Christmas fir - the approval of the Can't complain-Category, more is hardly possible in Berlin. This Friday, the Schaustellerverband set up the traditional tree on Breitscheidplatz, which interrupts the tradition in that it has grown flawlessly and densely, a real splendor, dead straight, symmetrical - in short: perfect from all sides. And, from the point of view of the organizers, even better: It didn't have to be fetched from some distant German forest, but has spent the last four decades on a Lichtenrad villa plot. The owner planted it himself. 43 annual rings indicate roughly the year 1970.

The data is impressive: 24.4 meters high and weighs 5.8 tons - the largest tree that has ever stood on Breitscheidplatz, as Michael Roden, chairman of the Berlin Showmen Association, says. It is a coastal or giant fir (abies grandis) whose light-colored needles stand out due to their scent reminiscent of lemon.
The transport had started in Lichtenrade that morning. The climbing specialist Clara Scheuring worked her way up through the branches, where the crane boom was already waiting. She fastened the tree to the rope, then colleagues stabilized the giant, the crane pulled slightly, then the chain saw came.

Everything went perfectly at Breitscheidplatz too. The tree was erected again by crane and hung over the location on the corner of Kantstrasse. Below him stood the steel structure weighted down with concrete, which is supposed to carry him safely until Christmas. Now AG City employees set about decorating the tree for a festive occasion. The symbol of the Christmas market at the Gedächtniskirche has arrived.

What will happen to Breitscheidplatz in Charlottenburg? Read a special on Saturday in the printed Tagesspiegel on the “More Berlin” pages.

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