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Hybrid and multi-cloud scenarios are becoming an integral part of corporate IT, observes Carlo Velten, CEO of the Kassel IT market research and consulting company Crisp Research. "There won't be 'one cloud' in the future. That is why the mix of providers and providers is an increasingly important issue in companies."

The analysts expect that there will be a mixture of different IT operating models and platforms for the foreseeable future. "On-premise services and private clouds currently still have clear arguments for certain workloads and areas of responsibility, so the hybrid cloud is definitely not a short intermediate step in development," argues Velten. Nevertheless, public cloud services are the engine of future IT development.

The competitive situation in the cloud market has changed in recent years. According to the augurs, the technical requirements of the providers with regard to virtual machines, storage solutions and network connections are largely comparable today. The once tough price war between IaaS providers has lost its importance. Velten: "Today's providers are mainly fighting for the workloads of tomorrow with innovations and improved support." They worked hard to support new trends such as machine learning, the Internet of Things and container services and to put together their own packages as quickly as possible.

Against this background, Crisp Research analyzed the providers of "cloud platforms" active on the German market. This includes both infrastructure-as-a-service and platform-as-a-service providers. Some players, especially the heavyweights in this market environment, offer both variants. Many providers have always concentrated on cloud computing, especially AmazonAmazon Web Services, ProfitBricks or GoogleGoogle. Others come from classic enterprise IT and have expanded their portfolio not least through acquisitions. Crisp Research belongs to this group, for example, IBMIBM, MicrosoftMicrosoft and SAPSAP. In addition, there are hosting providers such as OVH and 1 & 1 as well as telecommunications groups such as VodafoneVodafone and TelekomTelekom, who have also added cloud offers to their portfolio. Top 500 company profile for Telekom Top 500 company profile for Vodafone Everything about Amazon on CIO.de Everything about Google on CIO.de Everything about IBM on CIO.de Everything about Microsoft on CIO.de Everything about SAP on CIO.de

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