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Qualitygrades and knowledge of math and German pay off when applying for an apprenticeship position, because they will help you later in your job, as you, as a waiter, create and collect bills and have a lot of contact with guests. A good knowledge of English can also be helpful when looking for an apprenticeship position. But good grades in these subjects are not a must. Most importantly, you have a lot of interest and the right oneStrengthen bring along for training as a restaurant specialist. In this profession, curiosity and willingness to learn are important, as there are always innovations in gastronomy. You should also have stamina and a careful and precise way of working, especially when working hygienically in the kitchen.

The working environment of a restaurant specialist is usually a restaurant or hotel. You work in shifts with your colleagues and also have a lot of contact with guests.

Yourwork environment can look different, depending on which training company and in which area you work. When you work in a restaurant, you take orders, take care of the buffet or work at reception. In a hotel, you can also work in the kitchen or be on the floor. You should therefore think carefully about which training company and which future field of work best suit you.

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