What are current trends in the mall

The shopping center of the future

The "comfort" factor

Experts have analyzed the European market. In doing so, they realized that urban shopping centers left their rural competition far behind. The reason for this was primarily the higher population density of the cities. However, it was also due to the fact that many of the more modern shopping centers now also serve as multifunctional meeting points. The better the range of restaurants, cinemas, bars and other leisure facilities, the more customers the shopping malls attracted.

Instead of a shopping experience: an experience with a shopping opportunity

Shopping centers can do much more than just satisfy the immediate needs of their customers. However, in order to survive in the future, they have to use their full potential. Studies suggest that more and more people prefer to invest in experiences than in things.

So why not combine both aspects? The best examples of successful shopping experience can be found in Dubai, where the Mall of the Emirates attracts with an indoor ski slope and the Dubai Mall impresses with water features and huge aquariums. These shopping centers offer both a unique experience and a wide range of fantastic shopping opportunities. It is no coincidence that tourism is behind the increasing demand for ever larger shopping malls in the United Arab Emirates. It can therefore be assumed that the shopping centers of the future will be based on the Dubai model of success in order to provide visitors with an unforgettable stay.

More than just showrooms

Shops are all too often dismissed as showrooms - as places where the customer gets a feeling for the products that is not available to him when shopping online. But seeing physical stores and online stores as separate entities would be a big mistake.

For many consumers, the personal shopping experience on site is already inextricably linked with the use of online providers and shopping tools. The shopping centers of the future must take this into account. Almost 60 percent of customers in the USA still use their smartphones in the store to call up product information and compare prices. The smooth transition between online shopping and buying on site has become a central part of our purchasing process. The shopping experience can therefore be further optimized with the help of augmented reality. Because thanks to the constantly growing data pool, AR technology is able to improve logistics. This could make shopping in the shopping centers of the future both more direct and efficient.

Protection through diversification

Our shopping behavior is changing. That is why many shops and shopping centers want to be on the safe side and therefore also function as package shops. For example, the British mail order company Argos is bolstering its retail income by using its branches as depots for ‘Click and Collect’ orders. By collecting the goods in the Argos shop on site, eBay buyers are spared additional postage costs. This diversification of the product range ensures that Argos continues to grow and also remains relevant in stationary retail.

We will probably see similar innovative arrangements and collaborations more frequently in the future. They form the breeding ground for new and exciting shopping centers. Would you like to stay up to date with the exciting developments and current trends in the commercial and residential property markets? Our blog provides you with the necessary informationReal estate knowledge.