Why are the people on YouTube so disrespectful

YouTubePolitical channels with disrespectful curiosity

"Hello dear troublemakers, on Stör / element, your political channel. Every Sunday there are new videos on current political issues ..."

"So, a new episode 'Jung & Naiv' and this time we're talking about this ole coalition agreement from Schwarzrot ..."
"I have no idea about politics - and what is in the newspaper you have never understood? Doesn't matter - you have me for that now ..."

You rub your eyes in front of the monitor and hardly believe what you see: between guys who talk about "hellishly stupid games", in addition to advertising, Bravo substitutes and jittery home videos, they seem more strange on YouTube than any alien: young people under 25 who suddenly say goodbye to government spokesmen or declare the Israel-Palestine conflict. This little "Politics - what is it actually?" Wave started rolling on YouTube in the spring of last year with the test balloon from Berlin's Tilo Jung. In the successful half-hour interviews in his "Jung & naiv" series, which are shot almost dogma-like without editing, the "Jung" journalist lets the political celebrities stumble over supposedly naive questions.

Tilo Jung: "What made you qualified as a federal drug commissioner?"
Federal Drug Commissioner: "Eh ... What qualified me? ... You can also ask the defense minister the question. What qualified her ?!"

Disrespectful curiosity

The political wave on YouTube is not yet a tsunami, but the interviewers and their clicks have become more. "Stör / element" is the name of a new channel from Cologne, for example, which presents political issues in quarter-hour features with animations, expert interviews including research and a disco music soundtrack. The makers are around 25 years old, media, journalism or political students and finance their channel themselves. However, like others, they have picked up a trick from Jung: Instead of wanting to know everything better, they admit wisely, Knowing nothing at all and then unpacking her strongest weapon: disrespectful curiosity. Arne Fleckenstein is one of them:

"We always try to approach it naively and fundamentally, first to explain a topic, to look at several pages. Sure, there are people who report, but we have the feeling that my generation feels that politics is up to us Many people are not aware of the fact that there are real discussions that you can join in, because there is a great distance. That is why we want to impart basic knowledge in order to enable people to interfere. "

"Lobbyism - for me that is legal manipulation: I would like to know: How does it work exactly? And above all: Why is it legal?"

From a multi-perspective perspective, this episode gives you various insights into the topic, from LobbyControl campaigners to MPs and RWE lobbyists. Each episode is moderated by different faces. At the latest, if you click on the episode "Nachgestört", you will notice what Stör / element and politics on YouTube are all about:

"Hello dear interferers. Today we will respond to your feedback on" fracking "and the" minimum wage ". And we will also tell you how you can have a say in what we do in the next episode ..."

Do anything but naive

"For us, this community idea - in contrast to television - is super central. We started with crowdfunding, that was our start-up community, and then our topic series. We handle it in such a way that our people on Facebook us Submit topics at any time and before we start producing, we do a big vote. And then, we want to go one step further - we're looking for people who are interested to participate. "

Politics on Youtube like "Stör / element" - is always community journalism as well. And that's actually new, while you already know the look from TV formats such as "Quer" and the information conveyed can also be obtained via other media. But which young internet user still does that today? This is one of the reasons why the creators who have recently been explaining politics on YouTube are anything but naive.

"So: Have a chat with us in the comments below, show our video on Facebook and always remember: Please keep disturbing."