How do Twitter customers make money

Make money with Twitter? Dell has already made $ 3 million!

Twitter is a micro-blogging service that is currently flooding the world like a viral epidemic. Even if the service itself has not yet made any profits, the first companies have managed to use Twitter so effectively that the profits can be reflected in impressive figures: the computer manufacturer Dell made three million dollars with its Twitter account by using the short messaging promotes special offers.

Dell's principle is simple but effective: since the summer of last year, Dell has been publishing special offers for notebooks, desktops, printers and accessories via Twitter. The short messages of a maximum of 140 characters each have a link to the online outlet center, from which the goods can be ordered directly. There are even selected top offers for Twitter users.

Dell already has well over 600,000 followers and is one of the 50 most popular Twitter profiles worldwide. The followers always receive news from Dell - just like one receives SMS on the cell phone. With the spread of mobile internet use with flat rates, SMS, internet, e-mails and mobile phones are merging more and more.

The special thing about Twitter is the speed, the viral distribution of the so-called tweets and the additional services that enable individual use: you can put together your very own Twitter community. Journalists in particular like to use Twitter to get the latest information, which is then quickly distributed to other journalists and interested parties.

Since there are often links behind the few characters (maximum 140 characters) that can be shortened with various Twitter services, longer messages, PDFs, photos and videos are also no problem. Special Twitter search engines allow you to search for tweeds that interest you in particular. Especially when it comes to regional reporting, Twitter is unbeatable, for example when a disaster happens and journalists find out about it on Twitter ...

Companies still have problems using Twitter in a targeted manner. The most important is

  1. Understand Twitter
  2. Develop a company-relevant Twitter strategy
  3. to pursue this strategy in a disciplined and constructive manner.

It is seldom successful to let employees tweet. They often have little desire to come out with comments - there is also a lack of time and exciting content. Dell has found the right way for itself - time-limited special offers for the target group of young tech-savvy twitterers naturally always attract ...

By Eva Siefeldt

For almost twenty years in the "free wilderness" Eva Siefeldt founded both a registered cooperative for business start-ups in 2004 and an academy for the training of social media entrepreneurs in 2011. For a long time she was a lecturer and trainer for marketing, communication and social media. Today she works as a coach for people in professional change. Your strength is to accept current situations, to recognize visions and to develop strategies together with your clients, which also prove themselves in practice. Mobile: 0176 80528749 - Email: [email protected]