What is Xiaomi's marketing strategy

They're doing something right

Unconventional marketing

Another aspect of Xiaomi's success lies in its method of selling smartphones directly on Sina Weibo, China's largest microblogging platform with around 400 million users. “Most customers in China don't trust advertising, they trust their friends,” says Lei Jun. But selling on blogging platforms doesn't make you a trustworthy partner. Xiaomi has also built up a large and close fan base by repeatedly asking for and taking into account customer feedback during product development. Companies and customers are in lively exchange with one another. Anyone who becomes an enterprise of the people in this way can also sell “he-Volk-reich”, so to speak, on a platform of the people. Xiaomi has succeeded in selling 50,000 pieces on Sina Weibo within 5 minutes and also accepting 1.3 million orders.

It is difficult to say whether such a strategy can achieve similar success in German-speaking countries. The positive example of Xiaomi clearly shows the existing potential of direct sales on social platforms. On the other hand, attempts of this kind have already been started specifically on Facebook and were largely unsuccessful. A sticking point seems to be that private individuals looking for social experiences tend to come to social media and not the keen to buy customers looking for technical product specifications. This is how the graduate multimedia producer Sandra Christiansen explained it in a lengthy, but very readable article (Selling on Facebook - All just hot air?) Over a year ago. Approaching customers the way Xiaomi has done could be a promising approach.


  • Xiaomi is an ambitious company with considerable growth and sales success
  • In the long term, profit should be made in the service business
  • They rely on very low profit margins and unconventional marketing
  • One aspect that is worth emulating is possibly the close contact with the customer through integration into the development process


Top picture: © sunabesyou - Fotolia.com