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Magazinrundschau 06/18/2010[…] In an article peppered with related links, Glenn Greenwald describes the strange relationship between Adrian Lamo, who reported the alleged whistleblower Bradley Manning, and Kevin Pou […]Magazinrundschau 03/14/2008[…] This issue deals with radical Islam. The Algerian journalist and author who lives in France ("Mes freres assassins: Comment j'ai infiltre une cellule d'Al-Qaida") Mohamed Sif […]Magazinrundschau 04/01/2008[…] In a thoroughly researched report, David Rose describes how the American government got involved in an arms trade with Fatah-affiliated brigades in Gaza and thus in a "scandalous un […]Magazinrundschau 23.11.2007[…] In a comprehensive article, the Economist describes the current state of Iran - domestic and foreign policy. It is also about threatened military conflicts with the USA - and about d […]Magazinrundschau 11/26/2007[…] Ryan Lizza examines the possible Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama and his newly launched campaign with the slogan "Hard Truths" and investigates whether he is […]Magazine review 07/29/2007[…] Robin Marantz Henig went to MIT's Humanoid Robotics Group for a major report and got to know the latest generation of humanoids, who are said to be on first social behavior […]Magazinrundschau 03/15/2007[…] Michael Tomasky examines the situation of the Democrats in the USA with concern and finds that the party has only very disparate ideas about where it actually wants to go politically. About the equipment […]Magazinrundschau 01/14/2007[…] In an interview that is well worth reading, the notorious Chilean arms dealer Carlos Cardoen talks about his adventurous experiences, among others. with Saddam Hussein, Augusto Pinochet, Fidel Cast […]Magazinrundschau 11/16/2006[…] Gary Wills sums up how the evangelicals in the USA under George Bush occupied more and more positions of power and now the areas of justice, social affairs, science and even the Iraq war are firmly established […]Magazinrundschau 11/01/2006[…] The neocons leave the sinking ship. David Rose has obtained brief statements from prominent war advocates who now no longer want to have anything to do with the disaster in Iraq and di […]Magazine review May 12, 2006[…] Russia is playing a dangerous game with nationalism, the Economist warns, given the xenophobic violence on Russia's streets and its approval by large sections of the population […]Magazinrundschau 02/09/2006[…] "A genocide is taking place in slow motion in Darfur," recalls Nicholas D. Kristof with a haunting report from the southwest of Sudan: "I thought I had in my previous jou […]Magazine review November 26, 2005[…] "Every time we draw new hope, bad news throws us back on the ground," said Boris Johnson, describing his relationship to the Iraq war, which made him feel abusive […]