How was your engineering internship

Engineering internship - welcome

Basic studies, examinations, admission, mathematics, mechanics, surveying, building materials, etc., repeatability, preliminary work, compulsory elective subjects, etc.

"Oh, of course, continue with hydraulics, statics, Siwawi, geotechnics, transport, waste technology, hydraulic engineering and water management, thermomechanics ...
and then finally something completely different: "

In the 6th and / or 7th semester practical studies / engineering internship
For all those who got through the procedure of a previously completely normal course of study up to the 6th semester, now the ultimate option is the somewhat different study of civil / environmental engineering training at the University of Kassel.
12 weeks of practical application of everything that has been offered so far in the lectures only partially listed above.
Whether in engineering offices, authorities, offices, construction companies or other industries in which civil engineers work, here you will be confronted with the everyday and sometimes previously unknown areas of activity of the later professional field for 12 weeks.
Often, during the first five semesters, a vague idea of ​​the so-called specialization in civil engineering and environmental engineering training emerged. Be it in the field of construction operations and construction management, structural engineering, traffic or water.

When choosing your suitable engineering internship, you are free of all possible pre-determinations or inclinations. Sure, the so-called statics freak would like to prove himself in the statics office for 12 weeks, but since he / she may or must do this for a whole professional career, there is also a so-called alternative internship in one of the many other building domains to think about. How about, for example, with the construction management or with one or the other authority, in which a not exactly small number of professional colleagues will find themselves later anyway.

Be that as it may, in the 5th semester at the latest we will talk to each other and put our ideas, doubts and sometimes fears about the upcoming 12-week trial through to the test.
Only one thing should be said for consolation at this point: Nobody has failed the engineering internship and even the so-called ideal / wrong choice of a practical position ultimately always includes the knowledge that this or that area of ​​civil engineering / environmental engineering corresponds to personal inclinations and ideas equals or not.

So that no one is overwhelmed by the sometimes unmanageable flood of practical opportunities when choosing a practical position and because the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering offers this engineering internship as a course offered and supervised by the Department in its module manuals or of his diploma examination regulations anchored, there is Department for Practical Professional Studies, in short that BPS presentation. If you have any questions, come to the office hours!
So much for the general information about the engineering internship. Others, such as B. required practical content, training contracts, BPS work, professors accompanying group, up to the required proof of performance for the BPS activity, you can find here on our homepage or come to us!
Until then, have fun and success during the first five semesters, your advisor for practical professional studies Dipl.-Ing. Bettina Compart.