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In particular, an increasing number of entrepreneurs. Not surprisingly, thanks to state support, the birth rate in Russia for the current years increased slightly.

Parents do everything possible to ensure that their child has a varied development, which means that there are a variety of educational institutions. An excellent substitute for the ordinary kindergarten is a children's development center.

Is it profitable to open a child development center?

The current study of this problem says residents of large settlements used or visited children's development centers more than once. The age of the boys participating in classes - from 8 months to 8 years.

Not so long ago the services of this type were used quite considerably. Now they have become more acceptable at the price. All of this makes the development center's business idea cheap and relevant.

However, it should be noted that such centers are quite a few in the educational services market, but finding a good that would combine compliance with quality and cost is very problematic. The children in the country keep popping up, so invest in opening the Children's Development Club - a great, profitable business option.

How much is it worth starting a children's development center from scratch?

Forming a business plan children's center, it is necessary to take into account the availability of systematic and one-off costs. For example, in order to prepare documents quickly, entrepreneurs often resort to the help of special companies. Their services are about 30,000 rubles. You will also spend more than 300,000 rubles on the purchase of equipment. However, this is not a permanent cost.

So systematically it is necessary to spend money on feeding children (2,500 rubles a day), rental rooms (65,000 rubles per month), employee wages (about 100,000 rubles) and protection (10,000 rubles).

Additional costs include purchasing stationery, dishes, and other necessary items. Money is also needed for the promotion.

The amortization of such an institution takes 24 months. With a perfect scenario - 1 year.

To organize a child development club it is necessary:

  1. Furniture. It makes it a lot more profitable to order. So it will be more economical. Ready-made furniture for children of good quality And an inexpensive price in stores is almost impossible to find.
  2. Toys and consumables. Save on this, on the contrary, is not worth it. The toys choose more expensive, you can be sure that they will serve longer.
  3. Methodological materials, textbooks. Depending on the type of classes that are being held, it is necessary to purchase an appropriate number of notebooks and textbooks.
  4. Technical equipment: Xerox, TV for radio training programs and programs (cartoons), printer.

Tip! The work of the previous students can be hung on the wall. This will serve as good motivation for parents who will bring the children to the center.

Business plan

To open up any type of activity, the first thing you need to consider is a business plan. It takes into account all the organizational moments and economic costs.

Consider the business plan for opening a child education center from the ground up:

  1. The main idea or concept of the future educational institution.
  2. Business registration.
  3. Obtaining a license for activities.
  4. Search and design facilities for classes.
  5. Recruiting.
  6. Choice of customers.

Step by step instruction

Step 1. Determine the focus of the future center. The educational institution, not a kindergarten where dad or mom can take the child 1 hour. Adults should have a clear idea why the child needs these classes, who they entrust their baby to, and who they are giving money for.

At this point it is worth:

  • the duration of the classes;
  • instructions from the classes, for example creative or physical, intellectual or comprehensive. Maybe it's teaching with a foreign language bias;
  • children's age;
  • criteria for the formation of a group of children;
  • methods and educational programs;
  • Additional services: psychological or correction lessons, individual classes.

It should be borne in mind that on which concept you choose, further actions depend. If the center is class "economy", then you can use basic services, small room and not large amount of staff. The premium class centers are designed for widespread children, so the premises will have to be expensive to choose, and teachers should be the best.

The pedagogical stage ends with the choice of the schedule of classes, work schedules, the type and number of lessons, as well as the composition of professional teachers.

Step 2. Need to register pi. The individual educational activity enables tuition, leisure and preparatory services for children without licenses.

IP does not make it possible to hire teachers to teach children. No license, an entrepreneur who opened a development club can only set up technical staff and administrators.

Tip! There is another option - it is to hire teachers who are also the IP.

If this is the first time you have decided to open your own club to children and do not particularly understand the education system, then the first option will be cheaper and easier for you. Your organization is called up as an IP full name in the documents. In life, you can come up with any name for your business.

Your actions in the 2nd stage:

  • submit documents to the Tax Inspectorate for registration of IP;
  • write a statement specifying the type of designated services that will be provided.
  • select the tax system;
  • make a settlement account in the bank.

Step 3. Obtaining a license is an integral part of making the decision that you are choosing to be a Ltd. or to issue rental experts for your IP.

List of documents for obtaining a license:

  • charter llc;
  • lease agreement or property rights, imprisonment and SES;
  • educational program;
  • a document confirming the state registration of the company;
  • information on the composition of teachers;
  • information about educational materials.

All of these papers must be made available to the Education Committee. Wait after approval.

It makes more sense to open the IP first without attracting professional teachers. In this case step 3 can be ignored.

Step 4. Find and place the room is not that easy. It has to meet some requirements:

  • must be a replacement service;
  • there must be a fire alarm;
  • the room should not be the basement and basement of the building;
  • ceilings must be at least 3 meters.
  • the building doesn't have to be a living room.

In the case of repairs, Sanpin also installed certain rules:

  1. wall covering only with paint or wallpaper, resistant to moisture;
  2. the room must be divided into zones: stripping, classes and games, bathrooms;
  3. the floor coating is definitely not moving and moving smoothly;
  4. the ceiling whites are either riveted with a water-flowing solution;
  5. switches and sockets should be at least 1.8 meters from the floor.

The kids club does not have to be educated. In this case, you can purchase the necessary inventory, toys, furniture and start-up work.

Operation of the space to conduct educational classes with children implies coordination with Rospotrebnadzor.

Important! Toys, inventory for lessons must be certified and harmless.

How do you decide on the right location for the children's center?

In the area with the small population, it is enough to choose the room on the website with the largest pass. Alternatively, you can rent a space in the mall, around 50 square meters. Meters in the area.

In big cities, remember the competition and don't organize a development club next to such institutions. Also, remember the target audience. For example, a family living in the city's work district is more convenient to bring the child to work next to their home. And on the contrary, the elite center should not be placed in a living area.

Important! The inside of the future institution has to justify the concept of your kids club.

Step 5. To keep track of the job and solve economic problems, you need to hire two administrators and a cleaning lady.

The selection of educational staff is determined by a list of services provided by the kids club. The actual development center should ideally have teachers on dancing, drawing, English as well as a psychologist. The staff can be gradually increased by introducing new directions.

Hard to find teachers. When studying the applicant's questionnaire, pay attention to personal qualities, experience and human training.

Be sure! Do not neglect the opinion of parents, control the activities of your teachers, attend class from time to time.

Any development center, as opposed to entertainment, should have a positive outcome. In this regard, teachers should develop a system for assessing the activities of their students. Otherwise, as parents find out if there is a lot in taking classes at your center.

And the most important! Children should be happy to attend educational classes. Teachers can help them with their attitude, support and professional skills.

  1. On the stage of preparing for the opening, you can enter information about the upcoming appearance.
  2. Use a light sign.
  3. Hand out leaflets by visiting the playgrounds.
  4. Build your site.
  5. Create form cards and place them in the nearest trading centers.
  6. Condure customers through forums and social networks.
  7. The opening of your center must be memorable, organize a little vacation with balls and music.

If there are funds that can be spent on advertising, methods will be much more.


The return from the development children's center is pretty good. And above all, it will not lose its relevance. The only thing you need is to do your duties. Teaching with children is a noble cause that can bring you material benefits with mental satisfaction at the same time.

So far, goods and services are gaining more and otherwise with children. One of the first places in this area is occupied by the development centers in front of the school. In the context of the catastrophic shortage of government places, as well as their ubiquitous depression and impoverishment, various development centers for children is an excellent idea.

Therefore, many mothers concerned about the lack of quality development of their children, as well as those who have the opportunity to find money to make money "without the child" increasingly thinking about how to open a children's center. What you need to do for this first and how much strength and funds you need to do first phase. We will try to answer these and many other questions.

We analyze the market

So you've decided to open a child development center. How do I start and what should I watch out first? As in any other business, it is best to do an analysis of the available service market. In order for the upcoming company to be successful, it is above all necessary to carefully look around the presence of potential competitors and soberly carefully assess them. Before opening the development center with a child, find out if there are any institutions in your area:

  1. State kindergarten. The advantages of such an institution can be attributed to the relatively low cost of services and the fact that children are under the supervision of the whole day. Cons - a large number of children in a group, which adversely affects the quality of the learning material. In addition, the qualifications and level of interest of educators often leave something to be desired.
  2. The good - small groups and the high level of interest from teachers. The negative can be attributed to a high level of payments.
  3. Sports sections. Fairly close-directed development, in addition, children are usually taken no earlier than three to four years.
  4. Fitness clubs. It's about the same as the sports clubs, but the cost of their visits is much more expensive.
  5. Mugs in different clubs of interest. The pros are attributed to a small payment and the ability to change direction often - I didn't like anything - we'll try more. The minutes include "age values" - in such institutions, as a rule, children do not take children under 4-5 years. In addition, the educational level of the team does not always match the parents' expectations.

If there are already a sufficient number of the above institutions in your area, think if you can offer something to your customers that is going to suffer quite a bit of competition.

How to Open a Child Development Center: Business Plan

As you know, every good deal starts with careful planning. To create a detailed business plan within the scope of this article, of course, does not work, since our prices and all starting options are different in every region, city and village. But several. general recommendations you can take into account. Before opening a child's development center from scratch, you need:

  • develop the concept of the company - to think about what kind of services you will have;
  • prepare and arrange all permits;
  • Select and arrange documents in the room where the center is located.
  • acquire the necessary inventory, methodological aids, toys, etc.
  • determine which experts can help you with the work, arrange a casting on recruitment;
  • competence competent advertising campaign, arrange a presentation of a new educational center;
  • to establish a workflow, eliminate small problems that cannot be experienced until the center has started;

Let us now stay in more detail on some of these items.

We choose the room

Of course, the choice of premises depends primarily on your financial capabilities and the availability of proposals. However, anyone who already knows exactly how to open a child development center from scratch can confidently confirm that there are several mandatory requirements that must be considered when choosing a space.

  • If you are not planning to open a full kindergarten, even with the prefix mini, you are pretty much enough space with a total area of ​​50 to 100 m 2.
  • Pay attention to the height of the ceilings - at least 3 m.
  • The space should be divided into several isolated rooms: changing room / reception, place to hold, play room, toilet / vanity. If your center is designed for a long stay of children, it is also necessary to provide a separate room for sleeping and eating, as well as a room for service personnel.
  • The decoration of walls and ceilings in all rooms should be such that regular wet cleaning can be done. Ordinary paper wallpaper won't adjust, you need to fix.
  • In the bedrooms and game rooms, you need to watch the temperature mode - 19-21 ° C.
  • All switches and sockets must be at least 1.8 m above the floor.
  • The room should have a fire exit and come from the existing housing stock.

Hire staff

Before starting a child's development center from scratch, think about what kind of services you will have. It can be said that recruiting is the most important stage in the opening process. How much more qualified and devoted cause your staff depend on whether your center is successful and popular. The minimum set of staff you need look like this:

  • director / administration;
  • Accountant;
  • teachers / educators in the number of directions selected;
  • assistant carer / nanny;
  • Nurse;
  • security guard;
  • cleanser;

If you have any plans to organize food you will also need a cook and dishwasher. To save it, employees can of course work together part-time: for example, a security guard can perform plumbing and electrician duties, and nanny combines caring for children with the work of the dishwasher. If the relatives can help first as service personnel, then it is necessary to select teachers (educators) to treat special attention.If the children in the class are bored and mothers remain dissatisfied with the level and speed of their children's development, your center will soon be without customers.


Now move on to the next phase. What else do you need to open a child development center? How do you start accepting customers? Well, of course, it is known with advertising, motor trading.

Of course, it all depends on your financial skills, however, in general, the methods of attracting customers may be as follows:

  • colorful invitation sheets (distribution on the street, you can agree with educators and leave in urging of kindergartens or clinics);
  • banners and blue stain on the streets of the area;
  • advertising in transport (routes that go through your area);
  • Invited events by animators for neighborhood residents in children's playgrounds;
  • create, develop and promote your own website;
  • creation of a group in social networks and regional forums;
  • viral advertising;
  • advertising on the local TV channel or radio station;

Payback and Profitability.

Before opening a child development center, it is necessary not only to not only study the activities of competitors, but also carefully calculate the cost. Important monthly costs will be:

  • rental of premises, utility costs;
  • payment of the work of hired personnel;
  • Taxes;
  • security day and night;
  • Monitorable costs are also possible:
  • repair inside;
  • purchase of furniture, toys and sports equipment;
  • cost of registering a package of documents and approvals from various entities (SES, firefighters, etc.);
  • purchase of household and office equipment (boiler, TV, computer, music center, etc.);

Based on the experience of people who have already opened such centers, we can say that depending on the region, in which the region where you live, the total cost is from 50-70 thousand rubles (20-25 thousand UAH) can be up to half a million (150-160 thousand. UAH). The payback of such projects is estimated at 2-3 years, and the profitability is 20-25%.

So, if you dream of quick profit and high income, then you should look for another way to get the one you want.

How hard to open the children's development center to franchises

If all of the above seems too complicated and you're still afraid to take the first step, consider purchasing a franchise. This means that for a certain fee an already existing and successful operating company will provide all of your developments. You also stay step by step to repeat the path. Specialists of the company franchiseer (the one who conveys their experience), who accompanies the opening of the center from the first to the last day, will bring you "to the result", so to speak.

So what is what it takes to open a child's development center on a franchise? You can find a lot of phrases on the Internet, it just remains to carefully study them carefully and choose the most appropriate one. At the same time, carefully study the terms of the franchise, as some companies may come up with the terms that may later be unacceptable. For example, monthly deductions (license fees) may be too large.

What you need to open the center in Russia

Before starting your work, you must officially issue and obtain appropriate permissions. Here is a list of what you need to start a child development center:

  • arrange individual entrepreneurship;
  • choose oked codes. Suitable for your this may be: 93.05, 85.32, 92.51, which means personal services, care and child care and institutional organization clubtyp. respectively;
  • arrange and open a bank account;
  • registered (register) in the tax office at the place of residence at the place of residence;
  • choose the tax system - a lot of advice in this case, to select USN, you can save significantly on accountant services.

If the activity of your institute is related to learning, then in addition to obtaining a license, it will be set up to open a license. The point is quite a tedious one, but there is an unwritten rule - if there are no words "educational", "educational" in the full official name of your center, the license cannot be granted. However, it is best to seek advice from a qualified lawyer for each specific case. It is not that expensive, but will allow problems and fines to be avoided in the future.

Features of the opening of the center in Ukraine

Frankly, the discovery of such a center in Ukraine is not much different from its Russian counterpart. The biggest difference is that it is quite difficult to open a similar center without issuing licenses. Therefore, before discovering the Children's Development Center in Ukraine, it is necessary to get the advice of a lawyer. Mostly recommended to choose such flooded codes:

  • 47.90 - retail outside the store;
  • 96.06 - creation of other individual services;
  • 93.29 - Organization of other types of recreation and entertainment;

In Ukraine, you must also issue a private entrepreneurship, or the FLP is an individual entrepreneur. It is best to opt for the second group of taxation so that you will have to pay less tax. And another small nuance: in Ukraine, the contract of hiring employees from trilateral - they must be registered in the workplace.

Now you even know how to open up a child's development center from scratch. At the end of the article, I would like to add a couple of useful sovietsthat will help you save some funds and reduce the amortization period of the young company.

  1. If you selected "Unlicensed", do not write "Teacher" or "Teacher" in the employee's workbook. If you use the better wording "consultant" or "instructor", this applies to the employment contract.
  2. Come up with a highlight for your center - something inexpensive to set it apart from other similar institutions. For example, even if you have all the first number of the month, clowns or this month if a child has a birthday, he will be discount on the subscription. Whatever - if only it was reminded of people.
  3. Cut off the monthly / quarterly language questionnaire. Find out what other skills they would like their children to develop that they are willing to pay extra for. Perhaps mothers want to invite a children's yoga teacher and classes with the French teacher they don't care about.
  4. To partially improve the cost of renting the premises, you can take it to the house in the sublet for classes with a psychologist or speech therapist.
  5. Enter the bonus system of the invitations according to the principle: "Bring 3 friends and get a discount for the next month." This may provide your center with an additional influx of visitors.

And of course you love your new business. Remember: in order to open and successfully develop a similar center, you must first love children.

The ancient Chinese thinker of Confucius somehow it is possible: "Find yourself in my soul and you do not have to work in your life in your life." This aphorism was decided to pursue two charming women, Sophia Timofeev and Anastasia Shevchenko, and created the case of their lives in a very successful and profitable project. Teachers not only from the training, but also through phone calls, they opened the wonderful children's ECO-Club "Umnichka", which for the past five years has been constantly pleasing children with its fascinating activities for five years.

However, they decided not to stop, and last year launched a new business project "Your Club", the main aim of which is to provide practical help to anyone who dreams of opening their children's center. In his interview, they shared where to start their business, how to develop it and what mistakes to avoid.

How and when did the idea to open your kids club come about? Why did you choose this particular type of business?

S.T. I am a primary education teacher. After graduating from LGPI. A.I.I. Herza, I had been working in school for several years, where I had proven invaluable experience, because working with the children allowed me to more deeply assimilate the knowledge I received at the institute. I have been working in school for several years, I returned to my mother university and became the teacher of the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology.

I really liked my job and I couldn't even think that my department would one day be able to attend with my department where I was holding proxy's post. But otherwise fate ordered. My husband is a soldier. It was translated in Moscow. His translation and our resettlement coincided with the birth of Yaroslav's daughter. First of all, I enjoyed my wonderful family life and fully learned the joy of motherhood. However, a year later, a quiet, measured life no longer seemed so beautiful.

I wanted violent activity, activity with results and achievements. And then I realized that for a long time I had been seriously interested in the characteristics of the development of very young children. I had little of our own knowledge, I wanted to communicate with the same passionate moms and I started carrying a daughter to a kids club. In total, we've been driving there for about a year.

And from the classes to the job, I was hit by the non-professionalism method. Children were suggested tasks that are not appropriate for their age. That's right, I had an idea to open my own kids club and do everything my way to invest my vast knowledge and rich experience in your own business. I wanted to create something special that the best teachers will work in, and children will be engaged in the best programs and the best courses.

Ash. I had the idea to open my job for another 13 years. The exact concept of what exactly I shouldn't open. After graduating from school, I entered the pedagogical university in the specialty of speech therapy at the Defftücher and successfully completed it. During the pedagogical practice I had the opportunity to see how all educational institutions observe of the inner work as well as the children in the garden and in the school.

In most of the institutions the enormous documentation requirements were presented while the teacher's salaries were very low. In practice, I realized that I definitely wouldn't work in cheap organizations. In the last courses at the university, I was already looking for a job like this in which I could put myself into practice. So I came across an announcement that determined my choice. This announcement was discussed in order to find teachers for a new kids club.

The club wasn't far from my house and arranged for me in every way - employment, salary, and creative work with children. I actively participated in the life of the club, played the mouse for free on all New Year's performances, with interest the club created various classes for children. The work carried me completely and gave me great joy.

At one point I realized that my desire to create had not gone anywhere and was popping up increasingly in my head. Accidentally or not, but at that moment I received only one year of work in the club, from which I received a proposal, which of course I couldn't refuse. So at 21 I co-founded a wonderful kids' club.

How should the opening of a children's club be started? What's the first step?

S.T. In order to start a kids club, you need to determine the initial investment in the business and follow it. This is a mandatory business planning phase as the profitability of your club is directly related to how carefully you think about your place among the competitors, designate pricing guidelines, solve what a spectrum of classes your club offers.

Before making a business plan, you should definitely decide on the mission to decide what exactly your club will be, what goals and tasks you will put in front of you. Becomes that theater studio where children's creative abilities are mainly revealed. Or it will be an association with an English bias, in which the first acquaintance of children with the magical world of strange words, songs and poems will occur.

To analyze the target audience, to encourage competitors and to promote at least the approximate image of your children's club: to write a clear schedule of classes, determine the mode of operation of your institution, think of advertising after advertising, choose the organizational and legal form to your company's registration, etc., and after that to clear calculations - the financial part of his business plan.

Where encourage capital And how much does it have to be?

S.T. Good question. I know that many people who start their small business are very anxious to get credit. Of course, they can be understood, because the awareness of what you should be a decent amount of the bank in, and the swords swords will hang in the form of a loan, the fear raises a real alarm. And in some people's minds there is one more illusion that you can do by your own means.

But, unfortunately, it is practically impossible if, of course, there are no rich relatives. I didn't have such an opportunity, so I opened my club on borrowed funds. My friend, who runs a successful business in another city, suggested a percentage of the loan. So the first 300 thousand rubles were found for our "Umnichki".

Ash. I fully agree with Sofia. Without borrowed funds, it is difficult to forego without borrowed funds. I also have no ordinary family out of the ordinary family that has provided parents and wealthy relatives. At the time the club opened, I was only 21 years old, so there was no personal accumulation. I had to take a loan. So our kids club was opened.


  • Legal registration: Registration Ltd. with the legal address: 15,000 rubles
  • Repair: (wallpaper, carpeting, iron door, curtains): 160 000 rubles
  • Furniture (tables, chairs, shelves, administrator rack, sofa for parents, aquarium): 65 000 rubles
  • Toys, training materials: 65 000órules
  • Money machine, Xerox: 16 000 rubles
  • Fee for the last month of rental: 145 000 rubles
  • Big colored sign: 32 000 rubles
  • Legal capital: 10,000 rubles
  • Ribbon bills: 2 pieces. - 6 500 rubles

Sum: about 660,000 rubles

What is the approximate cost of providing services in this business area?

Ash. Many factors influence the prices: in the region in which the kids club is located, the social status of the district, the club level is a premium class or economy class, the qualifications of teachers. Therefore the prices are different everywhere. But thanks to such variability, parents appear to have the right to choose the children's center, depending on the size of the family budget, the ability to carry the child to classes, etc.

Is there a bonus payment system, promotions, discounts?

S.T. Benefits and bonuses play a very important role in the development of the kids club. As they help solve a number of serious questions: help increase the number of customers in a kids' club, help keep customers calling the first purchase, and first classifying payment for services.

Some bonuses help ensure the abundance of the groups in the summer and during the period of long holidays. There are also social benefits, such as single mothers or parents who have a disabled child. Hence, benefits, discounts and promotions - very important marketing toolI can never forget.

Are your activity licensed?

S.T. This is a pretty slippery moment as there are legislative intricacies. In accordance with educational law, the activities of pre-school educational institutions are subject to mandatory licensing.

Here, however, the use of terms should be and the definition should indicate that such a child is a preschool institution .. In accordance with the same law, the children's preschool institution is an organization which, in addition to educational activities, also takes care of children.So, if you give classes to younger children in sections, circles, and studios, then under the "For Licensing Separate Types of Activity" Act, such activities are not subject to licensing. Consequently, if you are opening a kids club, rather than a kindergarten, the license is not required.

Ash. In the first phase, the entire advertising business of your club should aim to attract a target customer. In this case, the means of outdoor advertising work actively. : Sign at home, display windows of a children's club, pillars, banners, stretch marks, pointers, etc..

In addition to outdoor advertising, you can put leaflets on the street, hang ads in the elevator, etc. It will be very effective to put advertising in the headlines of magazines and websites for children devoted to children's leisure and development, Post the information about your club on relevant forums, blogs and internet communities. Well, of course, it's impossible to forget about sarafined radio, because the best advertising is with happy parents.

I have never just treated my club as a business. For me, our customers are first and foremost friends with whom it is always interesting to communicate, hear their suggestions and improve your club accordingly. Personally trusting relationships in our business are a guarantee for success and the best advertising.

What techniques do you learn in your club?

S.T. In our club methods are made very attentive. As a teacher, I understand that the technique must be effective and give a guaranteed result. So that every child at different levels of development can learn to tell the square from the circle, make a plate, etc. However, one of the main advantages of our club is our own methodological advantages.

Anastasia, we are the authors of numerous methodological books for a children's club that were printed by the famous educational publisher "Juvent". These are "Developing Color Perception in Children" and "Moving Games", "and" Modeling for Children "and" Finger Exercise "and much more, all of which are unique techniques that have become the result of our long experience with children.

In addition to managing your ECO Club "Umnichka", you are a co-founder of the "Your Club" business project within the company, in which training seminars and master classes are held for those who want to open their children's club. Tell us what was the discovery of this project with the opening of this project?

S.T. We know on our own experience opening our business in our country is very difficult. Before our eco-club "Umnichka" became a successful and profitable company, we had to block a lot of firewood. All the information that we have gathered in the grains. There were many questions looking for answers, numerous literature sewing, digging in different locations.

And now we understand that if we were then a professional advisor who would warn us every step of the way, then many problems and unnecessary expenses could be avoided. Over the years of leadership, our eco-club copied a lot of useful and necessary information about the opening, functioning and development of the children's club. We know how to find good teachers, how to advertise yourself, how to avoid problems with tax authorities and fire authorities, etc., etc.

Like any other commercial enterprise, discovery of the children's center cannot be blindly. Therefore, all beginners will necessarily need theoretical knowledge and practical advice. And this is ready to support our project, which is collecting on the site where materials related to the discovery, work and development of the Children's Center are collected.

What topics are your seminars devoted to?

Ash. We try to dedicate our seminars to the most relevant topics that have worried about our customers. People from all over the country in our country come to us for lectures: from Syktyvkar, Nizhnevartovsk, Krasnoyarsk, Vladivostok as well as from neighboring countries: from Kazakhstan, Ukraine, etc. All our seminars are therefore purely practical.

A person who has attended our lesson should get all the answers to the questions that interest you on the given topic. At seminars we tell about the motivation of the teachers' activities and the functions of organizing and maintaining comprehensive classes for children of different ages and about accounting nuances. In addition, all information enters our visitors, as they say, from the "first mouth".

How profitable now opened children's clubs in the regions of Russia?

Ash. The competition will definitely exist. Not away from this anywhere. But I prefer to see positive sides. Competition never leaves you sitting still, constantly moving and developing: improve your club, invent new directions, develop new techniques. Of course, business rules are united, but the success of the association largely depends on the personality of the head, their values ​​and beliefs. In your club, you need to implement the idea that you believe in. Only then does the club become real, lively and feel the care and warmth of its owners. And that means that with a wide selection of kids' clubs and development centers, every customer stands because clubs are still different.

S.T.. In our club everything is arranged between us. I love the smell of wooden furniture, I love cleanliness in the club and pleasant plastic, expensive toys. That's all for me and for our customers. In addition, my club has everything you need for my children. My daughter wanted to sing - found an excellent music manager and we had a wonderful singing team that competes in festivals, competitions and earns well-deserved certificates.

How many projects do you have at this point? How do you plan to develop your business? Are you planning to sell a franchise?

S.T.. Now we are run by the children's eco club "Umnichka", opened dance studios that have their name and take part in competitions and festivals, our children are invited to cast parts in TV shows and advertising. Now we are mastering the new direction - mini garden for childrenfrom 2.5 to 4 years and from 4 to 9 years.

In the coming years, the number of kids' clubs will increase dramatically, as will the number of beauty salons. The distribution of children's clubs in districts cannot be called uniform: in some cases, a large area with a large population has one or two clubs, while in the nearby area only three or four clubs operate on a street.

How much money does a kids club have to open

Children start club, you need it 1-1.5 million rubles .. Profit-businessman will receive no earlier than six months, and most likely in a year. Initially, many energy and time entrepreneurs spend to attract customers and the formation of the base of regular visitors. The subscription for a month (about 8 classes) costs a visitor at 4-6 thousand rubles. About thirty percent of this money is received from teachers. Most often, parents write their children in a mug or two. The job takes 30 to 50 minutes. The eighth work and the use of premises of three rooms theoretically allow 48 lessons per day, but in practice there are 5 to 15 lessons a day. A group of 3-5 people brings a children's club turnover of two hundred thousand to one million rubles per month. In addition, the entrepreneur can receive additional income by organizing a mini-kindergarten through a small shop that sells toys and children's benefits. The organization of public holidays also brings good additional sales.

Currently, the entrepreneur can buy a finished franchise from the network club. The popular franchise "Babi Club" costs 800 thousand rubles, a little less promoted "SEM" - ten times less. However, working with franchises has a number of mines. The main part of the businessman's profit is given to the founder of the network. If in Chertanovo in Chertanovo or in Beskidnikovo something did not please, the shadow put in all institutions under the brand name.

In what room can decide for a kids club

The space under the organization of the children's club should be on the 1st floor of an apartment building. Space from 70 to 150 square meters. The optimal option is the presence of a sufficiently spacious hall with an area of ​​twenty to thirty square meters: it is in this room that parents will wait for their children with classes. From the hall door, the door should lead directly into the rooms where children are occupied. The owner of the premises must be found in advance, who will pay for utilities (the minimum fee for Moscow is 10,000 rubles). In addition, you need to check the presence of fire alarms, find out if the learner has permission to sign. A stationary telephone must be installed in the room.

The most important point to consider when choosing a room for a kids club is location. Best option.It is the central part of the bedroom area of ​​a large city with a large number of new buildings. It is in new buildings that many young families with children live. It is a great advantage for a businessman to open a club near the place where parents often visit children - a large playground, a children's clinic, and so on. The opening of the association in the central area of ​​the city or in the old area is associated with certain risks - the infrastructure here has been developed for a long time and the population is very inhomogeneous.

The possibility of renting a children's club in a peal area of ​​the capital will cost in the amount of 1.5 thousand rubles per square meter per month. In relation to the entire room, the rent reaches a hundred thousand rubles.

Additional costs for a children's club repair work

The cost of repairing the room is completely dependent on its condition. As from the practical experience of users of the Babi Club franchise in the capital of Russia, the repair costs about 8,000 rubles per "square": this amount includes the cost of materials, equipment, repair brigade. The total amount of repairs is at least 475 thousand rubles.

Sanitary standards and rules for organizing children's clubs have not yet been developed. Despite this, the fire alarm is extremely desirable (cost - from 40 thousand rubles). Each room must raise the fire extinguisher, the evacuation plan.

It is important that the children's club impresses parents: therefore, it will not be superfluous to highlight some means for equipping the cozy situation in the room for expectations, laying sofas, a table with tea, cookies and magazines. The bathroom in the kids club should be clean, comfortable for both children and adults. It will be better if a special toilet is installed for children. Little things like that will allow parents to feel the difference between the kids club and the culture house or the house of pioneers. The House of Pioneers is one of the main competitors for a private children's club as this state institution is run freely.

According to the documentation, most of the children's clubs are child free centers or family centers. Such centers try to avoid obtaining a license to engage in educational activities. Such licenses oblige their owners to fully comply with the norms adopted for kindergarten, which is very difficult. Not every entrepreneur can remove the space in the building no more than 4 floors with two or more exits. For those who do not want to go down the "kindergarten" path, the words "lessons", "education", etc. need not be used in the documentation. Educators are better known as "instructors".

Classes for children

The most common are the development of classes for children, most of which are given by mothers, also classes in English and classes, also classes that prepare the child for school. Before you form your children's club's program, it is necessary to carefully examine the competitor's programs, parents ask what is not enough in this area. Let's say that very small kids' clubs have classes aimed at the child's physical development - it's likely that the children's fitness in your area is relevant.

The program should be made as broad as possible - so the entrepreneurs have more chances to draw costs. Do not focus on a specific group of customers or one direction of the classes - this will reduce the company's income. In addition, it is necessary to clearly distribute children with groups. In the morning, the youngest visitors are invited to the club every day - kindergartens and school children. School children and kindergartens also come for evening classes.

As you know, the children are subject to various diseases, and for parents, the need to pay for missed classes is a very uncomfortable moment. It will be very useful to develop an incentive system for children who are not absent. For children missing classes due to illness, it makes sense to organize a compensation system. Let's say you can convert cheaper tickets with "training" of missing lessons in other groups, and for tickets with the option of transferring lessons for another month to increase the price.

Staff for kids club

A children's club employee is an optional graduate teacher with extensive experience. Successful cooperation with the children will be in a position to be demoted with the children, students or women who graduated from educational universities in the specialties "Pre-School Education", "Defectology". Good workers can be mothers who are passionate about education and early development child. For a profession, the teacher pays from 400 to 700 rubles.

What equipment to choose for a kids club?

Children's club equipped with a computer and printer space for administrator, chairs, cabinets, tables, materials used by children for modeling, toys, drawing materials.

Modern children's clubs refused to constantly purchase new development cards as soon as he received the projector and demonstrated educational images from the Internet on the big screen. The basic configuration of "Montessori" has become a very popular medium. Materials cost from 100 to 300 thousand rubles. Wednesday "Montessori" allows you to organize the process so that children work independently on the essence of the case.


The opened and successful launch of the children's club requires the cost of an advertising campaign. Promotion in the first stage costs 50-100,000 rubles. In order to attract the clientele, it is necessary to immediately cover the largest possible target group - people who live near the club. Advertisements can be placed directly in the entrances in the entrances near houses, which are also made by mothers and fathers, with children in playgrounds, flyers with information about the opening of the institution are held. It is very important not to report only about the opening of a children's club, emphasizing the attention to the opportunity to take advantage of the cheap urgent offer - a free visit to the trial hour or a subscription with a large discount. When the clientele is satisfied, the businessman can count on "connection" to promote his establishment of one of the most effective tools - the so-called "Srangian Radio". It is for the start of "sarafined radio" and must be aimed at promoting.

The kids club requires a constantly updated web resource. The cost of developing a similar site is from 20,000 rubles. The website should be reflected in search engines for such queries as Children's Club Chertanovo. In general, the monthly cost of advertising a children's club is from 5 to 20 thousand rubles.

The main stages of creating a private children's club

To organize effective work. Own children's club, it is necessary to think carefully about all the steps in this procedure. First of all, you need to determine the prospects for the development of the presented direction of commercial activities in your city. It is necessary to study potential competitors, analyze the demand for the services of such agencies, and also draw up a preliminary business plan. The following levels of organization of the children's club include:

Experienced business people are recommended at the initial stage of solving organizational issues in order to learn all the nuances of the activities of similar institutions. You will get valuable information for free and an opportunity to avoid many mistakes that are in any business for newcomers.

Choice of a tax regime

Practice shows that the optimal tax system for private children's clubs is USN. If your business partners prepare documents confirming the cost of the business, then it is better to pay 15% of the profits. In the absence of such papers, it is rational to transfer 6% of the turnover to the state treasury.

Oked codes for kids clubs

At the initial stage of company registration, you need to find oked codes that correspond to your activities (according to the All-Russian classifier). In this case it is oked 88.91 (child care services), oked 85.41.9 (additional training) and 93.2 (sphere of recreation and entertainment).

Subjects of the material.

All parents want to give their children the best, and learn the skills gained, the development, the basis for a successful child, the quality of further education. Obtaining a prestigious position directly depends on basic knowledge and skills obtained in childhood.

Companies that think with the education of a teacher or a psychologist, choose a direction for companies that are associated with additional learning children on general educational subjects, doing, drawing, foreign languages ​​- this is a children's center.

Children's supplies for children

First, it is necessary to deal with the differences between the public torting garden, its alternative - a private institution and the child development center. Then consider opening the business in that direction.

In public kindergartens, children receive a minimum program. Yes, and attention to every child in state institutions is not paid when due - the groups are overflowing, always lacking staff. It is difficult to arrange in the garden - places have been painted for years.

Alternative kindergartens are not always available at prices - groups in them are small, 6-8 people, but the cost of one day sometimes reaches a thousand rubles.

With this in mind, children's clubs and centers become a good way out of the situation - affordable prices for services, attentive appeal to each child, the development of interests and in-depth study of the compulsory objects. Plus, games and communication with colleagues under the supervision of experienced friendly teachers.

In such centers, children are prepared for school, they develop their talents, help to explore foreign languages. There are now many centers of such a direction that creates healthy competition - the quality of the service is increasing, the prices are becoming available.

Benefits of opening a kids club

  • The state encourages an increase in fertility, stimulates capital. This leads to the fact that children get more.
  • Progress in society makes parents think about the prospects for their children, giving them more than just one school.
  • Children develop earlier, parents do not have enough time to teach with them.
  • The child is able to play games of logic, develop a motorcycle to show their creativity.

In a children's club, an experienced specialist is committed to a child, talents, opportunities, potential help. And try competently to teach children about everything.

Step by step process of opening a children's center or club

The principle of initial action is the same as when preparing to open a business in other directions.

First you need to decide on the form of an organization for registration, registration of the institution. Then find and select a building under the middle. Then repair work, interior decoration, purchase of equipment. Finding and hiring employees for advertising projects. For the popularity of the club.

There are separate prep stages associated with some features that you should remember to be careful of.

  1. License required for training and general education
  2. Careful selection of teachers, psychologists
  3. Motivation of employees to treat children carefully and kindly

Kinds of directions of the center

From which direction, in which direction a kids club works, the types of classes with children will depend:

  • Classes of individual groups in the schedule
  • Complex classes in multiple directions

Based on a certain direction, you can create training programs that affect such elements:

  • Preparatory courses for school - training letter, reading, math
  • Creative courses - art, work with soft materials (clay, plasticine)
  • Credible foreign language.
  • Interesting mugs - trading championship, dancing, physical education, design
  • Classes with speakers.

Deciding with the main instructions, it is easier to make a room under the center, teacher, the routine of the day and the work schedule. For example, the organization of the day can be as follows:

criteriaSeparate classesComprehensive classes
Number of rooms in the building5-6, so different groups do not interfere with each other2-3, divided into sections, through courses
Schedule and time of classesOn weekdays from 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., classes for 60 minutes. At the weekend from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., 1.5 hoursSchedule the same, but timing of classes up to 3 hours - courses Complex coverage
Number of children in group 1For every group of 6-8 peopleGroup classes, 10-12 children

Registration of the central - specific Moses

In the registration phase of his center, choose the form of individual entrepreneurship or limited liability company. - You are allowed to establish this type with a simple tax payment scheme.

Be sure to look out for the curved codes that identify the direction of your center:

  • Pre-School Educational Services - 85/11
  • Education of elementary school - 85/12
  • Additional educational institutions - 85/41

These codes change frequently so you must select immediately when you register. To determine the codes exactly, ask the specialist council.

The license will be executable if:

  1. An educational institution opens, which at the end of the training, certificates of completion, diplomas
  2. The name of the center includes the terms "training", "educational"

The children's development center is not required to be licensed, but the staff will not be able to not be named as teachers by administrators, instructors, assistants.

Documents for the license.

  • Declaration of permission
  • Certificate of registration legal person. - GMBH
  • Organization regulations
  • Coordination with fire testing and savepidadzor
  • Set of programs for education and training
  • Information on the composition of the centre's teachers

To pay taxes, it is more convenient to choose a simplified tax system. Your professionals in low interest payments and a simple accrual scheme, reports.

Criteria for rooms and design

The right choice of premises, their location and design is very important - the number and consistency of customers directly depend on them. A separate building is visited in a densely populated area. Rent in the city center is expensive, as well as a remote location from residential areas.

HOLE The club is no higher than the third floor and not in the basement. There must be free access inside, with comfortable driveways, parking spaces.

Not located in apartments - this is not up to standards. Such premises are not allowed to be checked against the standards of the SES and the fire test. The size of the future club of 80 meters in a square with high ceilings, power sources are located 180 centimeters from the floor.

Equipment and interior center

Required spaces for the center of the center:

  1. Gaming rooms, classes for classes
  2. Cabinet Manager
  3. wardrobe
  4. Room sanitation.
  5. Rooms for employees.

It is necessary to carry out repair and finishing work - painting, piles of walls, installation of new windows, doors. The plumbing should be permanent and new - pay attention to it.

It is required by class equipment:

  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Soft stool
  • Shelves shelves
  • computer
  • watch TV
  • Material and literature for development
  • Flooring
  • Decor elements
  • In the amount - 162,000 rubles

For other rooms:

  • Sofas
  • Administrator level
  • hanger
  • Tables with chairs
  • Stellagi
  • Notebook
  • teapot
  • installation
  • In the amount - 102,000 rubles

If there are dance classes in the middle, then the sports sections, the equipment for them will cost another 50,000 rubles.

The last amount is 314 thousand rubles.

Personnel for work in the children's center

The most important link on the path to the club's success will be the educational state - without all efforts being considered useless. There are teachers who are able to contact children and parents, interested in further classes. And therefore will help the prosperity of the center.

For the correct choice of teachers, you need to rely on the plan for the class area. Recruitment agency specialists will help you find experienced teachers and psychologists. Technical staff, administrators You can choose yourself.

Incorporate teachers into expanding the clientele, you can, a stagnant result - appoint half the payment of the classes. This elevates the employee to keep customers and their search.

In the first few months of work, it is better to install a solid salary for ease of reporting. The center team can look like this:

The manager is better to become the owner - tangible savings of salary, full control of the work of the center.

How to find customers quickly?

  • Website works in. Social networks. We need to invest in the creation of the site - experienced programmers will do it for 20-25 thousand rubles. Next, all you need to do is regularly replenish it with information from the club. In social networks you need to give ads in groups, communities for mothers.
  • Nice, bright sign and entrance. Place it before the discovery, during the preparation the whole area will find out about you, familiar and tell relatives of other quarters.
  • Distribution of printing - flyers, brochures, leaflets. The cheapest way of mass advertising. It is possible to distribute yourself or hire the teams team. It is necessary to hang up in the mailboxes throughout the area, to distribute in the entries in shopping malls, to hang on the bulletins of the advertisements.
  • Paid advertising time on radio, television. Information banners, lectures, posters - the costs are paid out as soon as a large customer station appears. And people know about your club from the advertisement.
  • The festive discovery with the entertainment program will attract a large number of viewers, the distribution of prizes, or the souvenir drawing will increase the popularity of the center.

Full value of the project

The cost of all factors on which the opening and full work of the children's center depends:

In addition, there are mandatory monthly costs:

Calculation of income and amortization

The PAYBACK and profitability calculations consist of working hours, time and cost costs of classes - 1 hour to 300 rubles. Based on the expected number of children per day in classes in 2 rooms, it will train daily to 15,000 rubles, and a month - 450 thousand.

It is worth considering that the participant is not complete in the first months, then the profit will get less.

Of all the indicators, you can make an exemplary plan for self-sufficiency:

Possible risks.

  • Unprofitable place. The center, located in a hard-to-reach place, is far from residential areas.
  • Lack of staff. The lack or inexperience of teachers will frighten clients.
  • Weak advertising. Advertising that doesn't attract new visitors is ineffective. Well worth the methods or the ad format.
  • Failure to follow safety precautions when working with children. Children can fall, drop a heavy object. To avoid this, you need to regularly conduct the staff of the safety instructions, eliminate access to places or subjects that can cause injury.

If you comply with all the conditions, your club will be successful in all conditions, the correct calculation of the business plan and the competent construction of the workers' organization, will benefit half a year. Improvement and reputation will help bring it into a successful business booty category.