Singing lessons in Pune

Head: Kaveri & Philipp Sageder
MON 15– FRI 19 JULY, 10.15–11.45
Workshop size: S
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Indian dance meets beatboxing
How fast can you stamp a rhythm with your feet? Can you tell a story with your hands Are you fascinated by India and Indian classical dance (Kathak)? What beats and sounds can you create with your voice and your body? Are you interested in beatboxing, body percussion and anything else that has to do with rhythm?
In this workshop we find the most varied forms of rhythm and music in our environment and in ourselves. We learn the basics of classical Indian dance (Kathak) and try out techniques and different grooves from beatboxing, vocal percussion and body percussion. At the end of the week, all of the material is woven into a rhythmic performance that we present.

Kaveri Sageder - Dancer, teacher and choreographer from Pune / India - was in training with the renowned Kathak dancer and teacher / guru Shama Bhate and at the Lalit Kala Kendra University in Pune. In addition to her work as a dancer (at various festivals in India, North America, Africa and Asia), she runs her own dance studio in Pune, gives international workshops and teaches regularly in Vienna, her second hometown.

Philipp Sageder has been part of the vocal groove project "Bauchklang" since 2003, with which he has played more than 400 concerts worldwide. He is senior lecturer at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, an authorized CVT (Complete Vocal Technique) teacher and gives workshops across Europe in the areas of rhythm, ensemble work, vocal techniques and electronic music production. In 2008 he composed the music for the sound cloud “Heart Flow” together with Johannes Berauer.

Photo (c) Karolina Miernik, Kaveri Sageder, Avnimurthy