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Summer vacation shortening Simon Kutzner

Should the summer holidays be shortened due to the corona pandemic?

  1. Simon's opinion on shortening the summer vacation

    Simon's opinion on shortening the summer vacation

    Hello and welcome to this podcast.
    Due to the current situation of the corona pandemic, there is a lot of discussion. Above all about the schools, how it should go on & what changes the students will face. Shortening the summer vacation is currently up for debate. Is this imperative or unnecessary? We ask student Simon K. for his opinion on the shortening.
    Podcaster: Simon, how do you feel about shortening the summer vacation?
    Simon: In my opinion it would be unnecessary. For us, this time is not a vacation, especially in the corona pandemic. We sit at home all day and have no variety.
    Podcaster: The politician Dr. Wolfgang Schäuble calls this shortening necessary to make up for the missed subject matter. What do you think of his statement?
    Simon: He's not entirely wrong. Sure, this shortening would be a good time for us students to catch up on material, but this idea could also lead to many complications. For example, the Easter holidays have already been canceled, in the time of the Easter holidays we learned hard that the politicians should also pay attention to that.
    Podcaster: Schäuble also says that the parents' vacation money is strained, so that a vacation is almost impossible, apart from the fact that the travel ban will continue for an unknown time anyway.
    Simon: For us students, it's not about flying or going on vacation. It's about giving us time to rest and relax. To do something with friends again and not let us screw everything up because of a curfew. Overall, I think shortening the summer vacation is unnecessary, as many students simply need some free time without studying. In which the students can laugh, play and have fun. Without pressure and without having to worry about school.
    Podcaster: Thank you Simon for your opinion on Schäuble's idea to shorten the summer vacation.