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Gin Xoriguer - The national drink of Menorca

Experienced Menorca holidaymakers have known it for a long time, new holidaymakers will soon notice - that National drink the Menorcan is that gin. During a Menorca vacation it will be difficult to get around the Juniper brandy to taste.

British influence on the national drink

That gin is Menorca's national drink may surprise many at first glance, after all, this is what it is all about Not just around a spanish drink. However, if you look at the history of the Balearic Island, this mystery can be solved very quickly. As the British Occupied Menorca around 1708 and entered the port of Mahón brought they are also very popular in their homeland Gin with. The Menorquins took a liking to the spirit and so the gin developed over the years to the national drink the Menorcan.

Flavored wine and juniper berries instead of barley alcohol

The Menorcan gin differs however of his British original. For the Menorca gin Juniper berries and flavored wine used while at the British variant barley is used. From taste here resembles so this gin is more like that Dutch genever.

The ones used for the gin Juniper berries grow by the way not in Menorcabut must be imported.

Various creations of gin can be served

The national drink of Menorca is enjoyable in several variations:

  • Pure - Of course, the gin can also be enjoyed neat without a mixed drink.
  • Peloffa- In this creation, the gin is diluted with soda and provided with a lemon peel.
  • Pomada - This is a long drink consisting of gin and lemonade.

Tastings at the Xoriguer gin distillery

The famous Menorcan gin is made by the Xoriguer distillery produced. This still puts the gin in traditional way in the Mahon Port here. Over half of the gin produced is consumed in Menorca, the rest is exported.

The Xoriguer distillery also offers in-house Gin tastings and Sightseeing the Production facility at. The well-known on the island can also do this Herbes (a special herbal liqueur). The gin is tasted in traditional elongated clay bottles served.

At a visit the island's capital, Mahón, a visit to the Xoriguer distillery is almost a must Mandatory date. The Xoriguer Gin is also available to buy in German-speaking countries.