Airplanes have gears like cars


The requirements for a current servo are extremely high. So it should be extremely fast and generate a maximum of power. The high response due to the 2.4GHz technology should also be optimally implemented. Last but not least, they should be capable of high current (LiPo) and thus be able to deliver even more power.

The RSx competition servo line meets exactly these requirements and combines all of this in perfection.


1: housing

The middle servo housing is milled from one piece of aluminum and thus holds the gear pins and the motor precisely in position. The upper housing has been optimized and is now fixed with two more screws in order to flex less and to allow the gears to mesh optimally. The upper case in the H.C. Version is also milled from aluminum and can withstand long-term, high stress.

2: engine

The servo motor is one of the most important components in a servo. The specifications of the servo depend on the motor used and its performance. For this reason KoPropo has developed a new motor that sets new standards in the R / C area, which is proven by numerous performance and stress tests.

3 gears

The gears are made from a special Japanese aluminum. These gears are up to 45% lighter than comparable ones made of brass, but have the hardness of steel. This "light" construction enables a faster reaction time and at the same time reduces the stress on the engine. The high quality control in gear manufacturing helps the gear unit run with little friction. The Power & Power H.C. Series use a special stainless steel material which is even more stable and especially recommended for off-road use.

BSx2 Power H.C

Item no.KO30202


Speed:[email protected]° (7.4V) /[email protected]° (6.0V)
Force:26.0kg-cm (7.4V) /21.0kg-cm (6.0V)
Size:41 x 37.5 x 20 mm
Weight:68.5 g