How much does an ITIL consultant earn


The average IT consultant in Germany earns 63,106 euros a year; if he has personnel responsibility for employees in his position, his annual income can increase to up to 134,000 euros. These guide values ​​result from a special analysis of the management consultancy Personnel Market, which specializes in salary issues, and Computerwoche, which is based on over 4600 salary data for IT consultants.

Consultant salary increases with personnel responsibility

Whether IT consultants are above or below the average with their income depends on many factors: From professional profile and experience to the employer's industry to company size and location. Personnel responsibility in particular catapults income to other heights.

If an IT consultant is responsible for up to three colleagues, he can expect an annual income of 89,500 euros and thus 26,000 euros more than his colleague without personnel responsibility. The larger the team or department for which the consultant is responsible, the higher his annual income: Managers in consulting earn 96,000 euros (nine to 15 employees) or 134,000 euros (over 31 employees).

The size of the company also influences the salary: As in other industries, small and medium-sized IT service providers cannot pay their consultants as much as large companies. On average, IT consultants in companies with fewer than 100 employees find themselves at 55,000 euros a year, while their colleagues in larger companies with over 1000 employees can expect a good 70,000 euros a year.

The location of the employer is also still reflected on the payslip: while IT consultants in Brandenburg, Saxony or Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania are paid below average at 52,000 to 47,000 euros per year, their colleagues in Rhineland-Palatinate get the national average of 63,000 euros . IT consultants have the highest earnings prospects in Hesse (just under 72,000 euros) and in Baden-Württemberg (69,000 euros).

Free paycheck for IT professionals

If you want to find out more about IT salaries in your industry, you can get a good look at the salary study by Personalmarkt and Computerwoche. Until August 31, employers and individuals can take part in the online survey at

Immediately after entering their data, individuals can find out how their salaries are compared to colleagues with a similar job description and comparable qualifications. Companies that report more than ten data sets or (in the case of smaller companies) the data of half of their employees receive the study for 299 euros (instead of 599 euros). You get a graphic comparison of your compensation level with that of the market. This comparison shows the strengths and weaknesses of your own remuneration practice at a glance.

The results of the survey will appear as a comprehensive study in autumn. The remuneration is shown according to function, company size, position level and personnel responsibility.

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