How do you like your coffee

Tell us how you drink your coffee and we will tell you who you are

Not only on today's day of coffee, but every day it is on everyone's lips. That juice that breathes strength and life into us early in the morning. But not all coffee is the same. There are innumerable variations. And how you drink your coffee says more about you than you would like. 😉

Coffee black, unsweetened

Do you like to drink your coffee black? Congratulations you are psychopath! At least if one wants to believe a corresponding study. According to this, psychopaths especially like to grab coffee straight and usually prefer to leave it the hands of milk, cream and Co. The coffee should be black, black like your soul.

But not only that. You like intense taste. And in general you like to give 100 percent. You're open and honest, sometimes a little too honest. But there is no conflict that has not yet been resolved over a cozy cup of coffee.

coffee with milk

Your grandmother was already happy to serve you an extended meal on Sundays. It's what your parents regularly order in the coffee house. That's why you're happy to keep this tradition. Away with frippery and other trimmings. You only need what serves its purpose.

In your case, the coffee wakes you up and the milk gives it exactly the taste that you like. Evil tongues would claim that it is what makes it drinkable for you in the first place. Optionally, you can also add some sugar to your drink. Depending on what tastes good.

What does that say about your personality? You can't be upset so easily. You are down to earth, at times almost a bit shy. At the same time, however, you are also empathetic. We'll be happy to have a coffee with you on that.

Coffee with a lot of milk foam

Actually, you don't drink coffee with milk at all, but milk with coffee. That's okay, of course. You just don't like it bitter. That can also be said about your personality. You are optimistic, you see everything through your pink sunglasses.

This is also reflected in your circle of friends. You usually surround yourself with like-minded people; People who don't stress you, who are in a good mood and - very importantly - don't judge you for your coffee drowned in milk.

Vanilla skinny latte with a dash of caramel

Do you already know the latest fancy drink that is being promoted at Starbucks? Yes, exactly that Triple Choc Caramel Skinny Latte With Unicorn dust sprinkles. But what else are we asking? You tried it a long time ago!

For you, coffee is more than a drink. It is an experience. That's why you're constantly on the lookout for new creations that will keep your taste buds happy. Good news: The will begin again soon Pumpkin Spice Season and then is again Peppermint moccha time!

When it comes to your life apart from drinking coffee, you like to have variety. Some would even call you restless. But no worry. Because of your sweet manner nobody can be annoyed with you for a long time.


Yes, there are people who drink their coffee without sugar, milk and also without coffee. This species is called tea drinkers. Do you belong to this group? Don't worry, we'll save the anti-coffee jokes. You get to hear them in the office every day anyway, when everyone but you rushes to the coffee machine.

But you can easily handle the swipes. Because not only when it comes to drinks, you also like to swim against the current in other situations in life, stimulating your fellow human beings to think by presenting your - sometimes weird, sometimes ingenious - ideas. It's just the same with creative spirits like you. And you're still grounded. It is not for nothing that the saying goes: Wait and have a cup of tea!