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The perfect age for each zodiac sign to get married

When two 18-year-olds want to say `` I do '', most think it's too early. But when, please, is it too early for eternal love, for the yes forever? Ultimately, that is very individual, how mature someone is, what makes them tick and how confident they are about their cause. We are therefore critical when it comes to whether there is a perfect age for love with a marriage certificate.

The perfect age to get married - according to science

According to a study by scientists at the University of Utah, which included data from 10,000 respondents to the National Survey of Family Growth, there is indeed a perfect age for marriage. At least the divorce rate should then be very low.

According to science, that perfect age at marriage would be between 28 and 32. Then couples have the best chance of staying happily together for the rest of their lives. Before and after, the divorce rate is higher. Especially those who marry in their late 30s and early 40s are said to have bad cards. A formula was even drawn up for this: Every year after 32, the chance that the marriage will fail increases by a full five percent.

What if you fall in love at 60?

Fortunately, many studies only provide a snapshot, so we can only hope that a lot of people over the age of 32 will find their happiness and get married. If you still want to step in front of the altar when you are 60 or 70, you shouldn't be put off by the bad percentage. After all, the divorce rate at 70 would be 190 percent. You don't really want to believe that.

Dear 60- and 70-year-olds: Please get married, if your heart tells you so, and don't be put off by such numbers! Love is a miracle and great at any age. Please let the scientists and their theses look old.

Why we prefer to believe the stars

That's why we preferred to look at the individual reasons why some partnerships work for a long time and others don't. Because, of course, a lot is also due to the fact that we fit together in terms of character and that we think similarly.

And there our beloved zodiac signs come into play again with their quite concise characteristics. Because Pisces, Cancer and Virgo have their facets and peculiarities that are not insignificant for a marriage. We therefore took the trouble to see how the marriage prospects stand for the individual zodiac signs, and what age would be perfect for whom to say YES. Here we go!


Those born under the sign of Capricorn are generally considered to be solid, rational and top-heavy. Wild crushes and romantic love affairs? Not necessarily his case. That is why the following applies to him: once he binds, it has to be something solid.

No wonder, then, that the typical Capricorn knows early on whether it is something forever and then immediately hits the nail on the head. That means: Capricorns marry early. The ideal age for them is somewhere between their early and mid-twenties. Why not when you're so sure?


Aquarius is a bit like the bird of paradise among the zodiac signs. Popular, eloquent, always on the lookout for new impulses and exciting encounters - there is not much room for the port of marriage at a young age. Especially since Aquarians love their freedom too much and nothing repels them more than well-trodden paths, conventions and boredom.

However, anyone who knows how to win this zodiac sign at some point will not regret it, because it simply never gets boring with them. However, it can be the case that most representatives of this zodiac sign - if they can be captured at all with a marriage technique - only allow themselves to be guided into the port of marriage at an advanced age, i.e. towards their mid-40s or early 50s. But beforehand it wouldn't make much sense either. Therefore: wait and see!


Pisces are generally considered to be very romantic, but also very vulnerable. So what wins? The romantic desire for eternal love with a seal in front of the altar or the fear of being hurt? The answer is clear: of course, love wins. Because fish simply dream of great love with all the trimmings. And that also includes promising one another to love and respect one another forever.

However, it can take some time until the right partner for all these big dreams has been found - it just doesn't work under a soul mate for the Pisces. But at the latest when the 30 shows up, the sweet fish should be under the hood.


People born in the zodiac sign Taurus are usually said to be very down-to-earth and realistically knitted. That is why a serious and deep relationship with his soul man is so important to him. That grounds him and gives him security in life.

What sounds so solid, however, has a catch. Just BECAUSE Taurus takes marriage so seriously, he will not rush into it rashly. Before doing this, he will carefully weigh up, true to the motto: "So check whoever binds himself forever." However, once he says YES, he's the most loyal, best spouse imaginable.


Aries is one of the horned signs of the zodiac and what that means will probably be known to everyone: Aries are already very self-confident, often want their heads through the wall and know exactly what they want and what they don't. Nevertheless, he has this very special way of being enthusiastic about things and simply loves the lust for life and adventure.

So it's no wonder that it can happen that he is married more than once in a lifetime. Because with verve he throws himself into the stuff when it comes to great feelings and romance, but just as quickly he can fail again. Therefore, an Aries should not marry too early, but only around 30 / mid-30s. Then the chances are good that he has learned from his mistakes and becomes a fantastic, absolutely reliable life partner.

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The twin is often said to be flighty and need variety and inspiration for life as much as the air to breathe. How is he supposed to be able to commit himself forever and always? That is exactly what makes it so complicated to maneuver the twin in front of the altar. But it is worth fighting for, because similar to Aquarius, life with Gemini is always a bit more dazzling and colorful.

The ideal age for the twin to marry? That takes a while. Because the twin, constantly swaying between cheering as high as the sky and sad to death, has to be carefully prepared for "forever". So mid-30s would be a good time to capture it.

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Those born under the sign of Cancer are perfect for a reliable, deep love relationship. And of course for marriage too. Cancer is simply an absolute family person and loves to have people around him that are close to him. A ring on his finger can only support his feelings even more.

So if Cancer has ever really fallen in love, then marriage with all the trimmings is part of it. That can also be around the age of mid-20s. If it fits, then it fits. And of course Cancer also has a good knack for celebrating a wedding in a more than romantic and entertaining way. It doesn't get any better than that.

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Leo is also a great spouse to grab. He is extremely caring, loyal and reliable and he is a strong shoulder for his partner. Even so, marriage is a big deal to Leo. Nothing is supported or rashly decided. And so for Leo, too, so that he feels good and safe, the time for marriage has come sooner in his late 30s.

When you have guided him into the port of marriage, you will be able to look forward to a partner with whom you can steal horses and who will always be by your side. You just have to come to terms with the fact that the lion is just a little bit of a rampage to whom you should patronize the big stage. If you can handle this, you should definitely fish for the lion and be patient to wait for the right time for marriage for you. The moment is sure to come, and it's worth the wait.


Virgo is known for having very specific ideas about what her life should be like. It goes without saying that your own wedding doesn’t just happen by chance. Virgo actually never really doubts in life. And since everything in the life of the virgin born is quite structured, she also tends to think about her wedding very early on. Because if they are sure, then virgins can straightforwardly nail their heads.

However, since the Virgo is constantly planning and realizing something, she'd better wait a bit, otherwise the dream project marriage will easily go under before all other things. After all, the virgin plans her future in the 20s, including a career, a home and nothing less than the realization of her greatest dreams. (And it is also one of the zodiac signs for which it always works as if by magic.) Nevertheless, dear Virgos: Take it slowly. It would be a shame if the wedding is just one of many dates. So best age for you: Around 30.

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Libra loves harmony and is always looking for the balancing moment in their life. She therefore waits for the soul man who can give her that. And for that she is willing to wait longer. In the early / mid-twenties, you will therefore hardly find her in front of the wedding altar. Good things take time.

However, when she is then internally stable and has found her dream partner, she is also ready to commit firmly. The perfect time for Libra is therefore in your mid-30s. At 35, you have usually found your way, are self-confident and strong enough to say what you want and what not. The same is true of the scales. And so she can finally let herself go and say yes to her great love. Pushing her to do something before that moment would be pointless.


The Scorpio is generally considered difficult, resentful and suspicious. There is a great romantic deep inside him who longs for closeness and familiarity. Too bad that the Scorpio does not trust his own feelings and so always sticks a little in the shell tactics.

However, anyone who knows Scorpio knows that he - however closed he may appear to the outside world - is a very passionate person on the inside. The very big love, wild feelings, discussions, heartbreaking scenes - that is the world of the Scorpio. And that's why you love him. Nevertheless, one has to say: He was not born for marriage. And whoever wants to marry him must be patient to take away his fears. So there is no perfect age for him to get married. It will be rather late, more in the 40s, but ultimately it depends on the relationship of trust with your partner when exactly he can say yes. Patience!


Anyone born under the sign of Sagittarius is an idealist, a dreamer, enthusiastic and untamed. This gives it that special, eternally youthful charm that makes Sagittarius so special. But with all the wild plans and dreams and everything that Sagittarius still wants to discover and fathom, there is (still) no room for marriage.

Especially since the Sagittarius is very freedom-loving, likes to travel and therefore does not like to commit himself yet. The best age for him is therefore more likely in his early 40s. Then he slowly comes to rest (never really, of course) and longs for a partner who can walk with him through his exciting, busy life. It will definitely not be boring with a marksman by your side. So if you win your heart, you will definitely get a rousing spouse.

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