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Action 1 + 1


Allocation Committee
June 08, 2021
(Application deadline: May 25, 2021)
December 01, 2021
(Application deadline: Nov. 19, 2021)

Collection Sunday
4th July 2021 (5th Sun after Trinity)


You can order print products and the roll-up from us.

Donation account

IBAN DE79 5206 0410 0101 0101 15
Solidarity Fund Landeskirchenkasse Munich

Or directly online via the donation box on this page

Share with the unemployed

The special charm of "Action 1 + 1"

The "Action 1 + 1 share with the unemployed" is a fundraising campaign by the Evangelical Lutheran Lutheran Church. Church in Bavaria (ELKB). The special charm of "1 + 1" is that every donation is doubled by the ELKB. Since 1994, the proceeds have been used to subsidize jobs for the long-term unemployed and apprenticeships for young people with increased needs.
Donations are made by around 150 permanent donors, plus individual donors, parishes (including one compulsory collection per year) and occasional donations (confirmations, community festivals, birthdays ...).

The processing of the applications, donor care, contacts to the projects, preparation of topics on "Unemployment, Poverty and Fair Participation" and the public relations work is carried out by a management that is part of the Church Service in the World of Work (kda).

We would be happy if you support the work of “1 + 1” with a donation. Your donation is tax deductible. Upon request, you will receive a donation receipt by post to the address you provided.

The "Action 1 + 1" and its partners

Partners of "Aktion 1 + 1" are diaconal companies and workshops, parishes and associations that create jobs or training positions for long-term unemployed and particularly disadvantaged young people with placement difficulties. Placement barriers are a bundle of problem situations that often stand in the way of regular employment on the 1st labor market (missing school or professional qualifications, language problems, addiction problems, unstable domestic conditions, single parents, illness, old age ...)

Grant applications

The "Action 1 + 1 Share with the unemployed" exclusively promotes personnel costs.
The amount of the subsidy depends on the donation received by the ELKB. The donations are doubled and distributed twice a year (usually June and December) by the allocation committee after presentation by the management.
Applications up to € 5,000 can also be decided by the head of the kda and the management between the award committee meetings.
All other criteria are described in the information sheet for applicants.

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