Is a Jeep Renegade a real Jeep

Review: Jeep Renegade Trailhawk

With the Renegade, Jeep has transferred the brand's off-road genes into the smallest SUV segment. Since 2018, the Renegade has presented itself with a fresh look, which gives it an even more successful look. Above all, the redesigned front section with the striking LED daytime running lights catches the eye. But the Renegade should also show even more attention to detail.

For our test we chose the Renegade Trailhawk, which differs significantly from the other versions. The Trailhawk has even better off-road properties than the other Renegade versions. Not only has it been given a modified front and rear apron, which enables a larger slope and ramp angle, it is also the only model to have Active Drive Low all-wheel drive with a special reduction and crawler gear for tough off-road use. In addition to the features already mentioned, the list price of 37,850 euros also includes a 2-zone automatic air conditioning, a 7 "touchscreen, front and rear parking aid, 17" aluminum rims, the contrasting stickers, and dark-tinted windows from the B-pillar Cruise control and much more on board.

Our test vehicle spoiled us with the LED package, the function package 2, the technology package, the reversing camera, the blind spot assistant, heated front seats, heated leather steering wheel and the Uconnect navigation system with 8.4 "touchscreen. The list price adds up This amounts to 43,015 euros and is therefore already in the area of ​​the somewhat larger SUV. However, no other vehicle in this class offers these off-road capabilities and the typical Jeep charm that is also evident in the interior.

Inside, the smallest Jeep has a robust, but also very modern look. You immediately feel the US feeling when you take a seat behind the grippy leather steering wheel and look over the beefy bonnet. To my great surprise, the Renegade is significantly larger on the inside than you would think it would be on the outside. Somehow you feel like you are in a much larger vehicle, especially because the off-roader also offers a lot of comfort features, such as the sliding center armrest or the 8.4 "touchscreen. This has a beautiful display and is intuitive and easy to use Up to and including the steering wheel heating, almost all functions can also be controlled via the touchscreen.

As is usual for a US car, there are also plenty of shelves and large cup holders for great adventures in the wild. While all passengers feel comfortable and have plenty of space, the trunk is rather compact with a capacity of 351 liters. The big adventure equipment has to stay at home, which is a shame.

Because in combination with the powerful 2.0 liter diesel engine with 170 PS (125 kW), the Renegade is well equipped for a long adventure trip. The engine delivers a maximum torque of 350 Nm at 1,750 rpm and harmonizes very well with the standard 9-speed automatic. This convinces with fast and, above all, very smooth gear changes. The engine itself is not quite as gentle, especially when it is fully accelerated and when it is cold it is acoustically quite intrusive, but this fits the robust character of the vehicle.

Once you have reached the desired speed, the interior is much quieter, and you can comfortably complete long stretches of the motorway without annoying background noise. Anyone who calls up full power is accelerated from a standing start to 100 km / h in 8.9 seconds, and the top speed is 196 km / h.

The chassis and suspension are surprisingly comfortable for a car that is completely trimmed for off-road use. Of course, the Renegade is not a litter, but you can also cover long distances with it without reaching your destination with a shaking trauma. Curvy country roads, where the Renegade's high construction easily shakes the passengers, are not exactly what it is for. In combination with the seats, which are very comfortable but offer little lateral support, it is best to be more careful when cornering.

The Jeep Renegade plays its full trump card off the beaten track. The driver can choose between different driving programs that adapt all systems to the respective surface. While the other Renegade versions only have the modes Auto, Sand and Snow, there is also the Rock mode in the Trackhawk. This is specially designed for driving on scree and very rough terrain. So you should be able to reach almost all goals and the angular design also makes the terrain very clear. With its compact dimensions of only 423.6 cm, the Renegade also cuts a fine figure in the city.

Anyone who has as many talents as the Renegade Trackhawk can show themselves a little thirstier when it comes to consumption. Bargain hunters may be able to penetrate into the region of 6.6 liters per 100 kilometers specified by the factory. We used an average of 7.5 liters in our test.

The freshly redesigned Jeep Renegade made a very positive impression overall in our test. For a car of this class, it really offers outstanding off-road capabilities, but is very compact and still offers more space than you would think it would be. It also cuts a fine figure in the city and can also inspire everyday life with its homely furnishings. The engine is very agile, and a 9-speed automatic is also not often found in this class.

What we like:

The design, the equipment, the off-road qualities, the driving comfort, the Jeep feeling

What we don't like:

The engine, which sounds quite robust at full acceleration

Test certificate:

Equipment security: 2-
Equipment comfort: 1
Consumption: 3
Mileage: 1-
Driving behavior: 2-
Processing: 1
Available space for driver / co-driver: 1
Space in the back seat: 1
Trunk: 2-
Shelves: 1
Clarity: 1-