Can cats be romantic?

Sex among cats

Sexual behavior in cats is much more intense than in humans. When they are in heat, cats call heartbreakingly for a suitable lover. A tomcat often wanders around the area for nights and miles to find his beloved. What sounds absolutely romantic to some is, in reality, a very tedious love game. So if you have a cute cat or a hangover at home, you should think about this topic.
Here are the most important facts about cat sex:

What dangers lurk in cat sex for your darling?

Not infrequently, hangovers have to fight bloody fights with competitors to get a train. Bites from conspecifics could infect your sweetheart with serious diseases such as FeLV (leukosis), FIV or FIP. Danger is not only threatening the tomcat, female cats can also become infected if their partner bites their neck during cat sex.

Cats are exposed to extreme hormonal loads when they are in heat. She rolls on the floor, lifts her backside up, dances with her hind legs and even forgets to play and eat. If there is no cat sex, the condition of permanent heat sets in, which can lead to considerable health problems.

In addition, cats are very careless when looking for a partner. They are significantly less attentive to dangers such as moving cars and venture far too far from home. Despite their good sense of direction, hangovers sometimes can't find their way back on their long search for a partner.

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How is the sexual act going?having cat sexfrom?

When a pair of cats ready to mate has finally found each other, a fascinating love game begins. It can take days before cat sex actually occurs. Until the female cat is willing to mate, the male does not leave her side. The velvet paws spend a lot of time together rubbing their heads together and cuddling them extensively. Once this foreplay is over, the actual sexual act begins.

The act of mating begins with the female running back and forth in front of the male in order to stimulate him. Then the female lies down on her stomach with her front legs stretched out and the hind legs bent. The lumbar vertebrae of the female are bent, making the vulva accessible to the male. By posing in front of her loved one, the starting gun for cat sex has been fired.

The cat now mounts the female and tries to find the right position by means of pushing movements. The whole process can take a little longer the first time. The cat is bitten in the neck by the cat and is held in this way. Smaller swipes are also not uncommon. However, this type of clinging must not be too insensitive, otherwise the female can become very angry and the mating will be broken off.

Why do cats scream when mating?

When the sexual act reaches its climax, the female cats can become relatively aggressive. In addition, the queen usually utters a "cover cry" that goes through the bone. Since the cat's penis is equipped with barbs that are shaped in the direction of the body, the act of mating can be quite painful for the cat. These barbs stand up when they are pulled out and thus irritate the vaginal walls. This irritation is necessary to induce ovulation.

Cat sex usually comes to an abrupt end, mainly because of the instinctive aggressiveness of the cat ladies. Then the queens roll around on the floor with relish for minutes. The tomcats usually watch the spectacle from a safe distance.

How long does mating take in cats?

Cats usually mate at short intervals of 5 to 20 minutes day and night. The actual sexual act only lasts a few seconds. This can lead to several matings a day, and the cats are also happy to get involved with different partners. This means that the litter can have several fathers. It usually takes several mating acts to trigger ovulation. This is usually 24 to 36 hours after the first cat sex. At this stage the cats are receptive.

Should a cat be mated?

No! There is no medical benefit to the animals from having one litter. On the contrary, the whole procedure involves more dangers. You also need a lot of knowledge about genetics, anatomy, rearing and much more in order not to give birth to sick offspring. This is associated with a lot of effort, money and space. The best time to cover the cat would be on the third day of heat.


Cat sex doesn't necessarily make velvet paws happier. Outdoor users also like to go sniffing, hunting or playing outside. Cozy house tigers like to sleep well, enjoy fine delicacies and also enjoy long hours of cuddling with you. All in all, everyone agrees that cats can lead happy lives even without cat sex. Because the sex drive can be enormous stress and also danger for your darling who is no longer interested in eating or even playing. It is well known that love is blind.