What is the SBI Platinum Debit Card

AM 557631

MASTERCARD debit card (DEBIT PLATINUM level) issued by STATE BANK OF INDIA in India

Card information

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Bank issuer information

Information on the issuers in the country


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Importance / use of a good BIN checker

Whether traders or traders predominantly use BIN (bank identification number), checkers. Now that card fraud is hassle-free, the BIN verifiers are mainly used by merchants or merchants to secure their website from fraudulent transactions.

Great functions:

  1. It is used to check and verify the customer's bank identification number and it is immediately rejected if the BIN number is invalid.
  2. The BIN verifier also checks the BIN number in the database with the bank identification number of the card BIN and then returns the BIN number information.
  3. The merchant can know the card type, currency, scheme, issuer name, card number, and the country of the cards. This makes it easy to match this information with that of the customer. This makes it very easy to see if the customer has provided the wrong information.
  4. A merchant can merge an application programming interface (BIN) validator with their site payment system. In this way, the BIN verifier can verify the data provided by the client for its data acquisition system. The transaction will terminate if the specified data is incorrect.

The key information provided by the BIN reviewer includes the following:

  1. The type of credit card
  2. The country in which the credit card was issued.
  3. Name of the credit card issuer
  4. Contact address of the card issuer
  5. Telephone number of the customer.

Significance / use of BIN Checker

  1. It helps fight and prevent fraudulent activity in business transactions.
  2. It shows whether a customer or buyer is legitimate.
  3. It displays the saved information of an entered bank identification number and compares whether it is correct or not.
  4. They're free as you don't have to pay before you can access them.
  5. It ensures that your website and your business are secure.
  6. Merchants or traders receive important data that are necessary to trace fraudulent activities.
  7. Users can keep track of the daily financial activity of their online business.
  8. This allows traders and individuals to verify incorrect information.
  9. It ensures that credit card withdrawals and deposits are safe and convenient.

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