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Translation of "the most confusing" in English

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the most discombobulating
The representation seems the most confusing to be from everyone.
(952.3) 86: 3.1 Death was the greatest shock of all to developing man, the most confusing Combination of chance and mystery.
86: 3.1 (952.3) Death was the supreme shock to evolving man, the most perplexing combination of chance and mystery.
Cheers, Henk Wijnhold, Netherlands Dear Henk, This is the most confusing Question I've ever received
The most confusing Thing to me is how people complain from "writer's block."
The most confusing The experience of my life In 1936 an examination of two threads from the tilma, a red and a yellow thread, came to astonishing results: The threads did not contain any known dye.
The most moving experience of my life In 1936, an examination conducted on two fibers from the tilma, one red and the other yellow, led to an astounding finding-the fibers contained no known coloring agent.
Coleman Barks recently presented an interpretation of Mevlana Jelal-ud-Din Rumi's poetry, to say the least the most confusing, most challenging and most tumultuously provocative.
Recently, Coleman Barks presented a rendering of Mevlana Jelal-ed-Din Rumi's poetry, which is to say the least, unsettlingly challenging and uproariously provoking.
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