Is there a concealer for men

Men's cosmetics: it can be a little more

Shave, pluck and shape eyebrows

Bushy eyebrows look unkempt and make you older. It is best to use tweezers to pluck the hairs between the eyelid and browbones as well as on the bridge of the nose. Particularly long hair can be trimmed with small scissors. Tip: let the pro work for the first time. He gives the correct form. If you want, you can apply a transparent eyebrow gel for the perfect finish. It also shapes and fixes the brows.

Concealer for men too

With pimples and blackheads, men also have their troubles. Concealers or concealers cheat away small imperfections and hide redness. They can even work small miracles and rub out dark circles. Concealer is available in different skin nuances.

Emphasize eyes

Ever since Johnny Depp delighted his fans in the movie theaters with black-rimmed eyes in the pirate film “Pirates of the Caribbean”, men have also been allowed to pimp their eyes. Gray, brown, or black eyeliners can make small eyes look really big. The mascara provides more expression and a natural extension of the eyelashes. The eyes are also emphasized.

The agony of choice: shave or epilation?

There are many ways to get rid of hair on the chest, under the armpits and in the genital area. Men prefer the classic shave and trim their body hair. But epilation is also a solution. Advantage: The annoying hair takes longer to grow back.

Well oiled: manicured nails

Even if the nail clipper is practical and easy to use, nails only get the necessary fine-tuning with the file. The following rule applies here: file from the edge to the center. It's easiest after showering when the nails are softened. If you want to do something good for your nails, you can oil them. Special nail oils make dull, brittle and cracked nails look strong and healthy again.

Beautiful lips need to be cared for

The thinnest part of human skin must be protected. A lip balm with a sun protection factor is ideal here. For men, of course, there are also colorless products that don't shine.