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Xbox One: Set up 4K

It is important to note these points

On the Xbox One X and the Xbox One S it is possible to send a video signal in 4K to the television. You can find out how to set up 4K on the Xbox One and what to watch out for here.

Xbox One: Set up 4K

Content in a 4K UHD resolution consists of four times as many pixels as a FullHD recording. This gives a sharper and more detailed picture. On the Xbox One X and Xbox One S, 4K games, apps and the start page are displayed in high resolution. Contents in other resolutions (e.g. in 1080p) are extrapolated to 4K (= scaled). To set a higher resolution or enable upscaling, press the Xbox button and go to System> Settings> Display & Sound> Video Out. Alternatively, you can set a lower resolution to display FullHD content true to the original and not to upscale it. If you then activate the option “Allow 4K” under “Advanced video settings”, the system automatically switches to the higher resolution when you start a 4K game.

Display device problems

A corresponding display device - for example a television - is required to display 4K content. If you have problems changing the resolution of your 4K TV, you should check whether the HMDI port to which the console is connected supports 4K at all. With some devices this is only possible with a certain HDMI slot. More information can be found in the instructions for use of the television or monitor. The best result is obtained when the device not only supports 4K but also an update rate of 60 Hz. In this way, the displayed image is displayed even more smoothly and free of stuttering.