How do I get Trustpilot reviews

Are you a customer of the Trustpilot rating platform and ask your customers to rate your performance there?

Use this feedback effectively in your own JTL shop! With this JTL Shop Plugin you can call up your reviews from Trustpilot and display them in your shop.

If you are not a Trustpilot customer, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can also adapt the plug-in for other rating systems provided they have an automatic export for ratings.

Rich snippets for your shop review

The summary of the reviews from Trustpilot is called up and a rich snippet is generated as a microformat. You can place this in your shop. It is subsequently discovered by the Google crawler and can - at the discretion of Google - be displayed in the organic search results in the form of asterisks.

What's in it for you? On the one hand, Google recognizes the value of your shop and that can bring you better placements in the search results. On the other hand, people who search on Google - i.e. your potential customers - already see this rating in the search results. This way you stand out from the results, perhaps above, and it is immediately recognized that your online shop is trustworthy. That brings more sales.

Make it your own!

Your reviews from Trustpilot are retrieved and stored in the shop database. On the one hand, this is a data backup on your own server. So you have your reviews to yourself and can use them. You are not dependent on a contractual relationship with Trustpilot. If you terminate your contract, your ratings will be retained.

Assessment overview

Your saved ratings are used to display them in your online shop on a separate CMS page. This also creates trust and shows the satisfaction of your customers. You can use a filter to set that only ratings with at least X stars are displayed and you can define so-called stop words to exclude ratings that contain one of these words. Optionally, a link to your Trustpilot certificate page will appear under the last review.

Shop rating as a teaser

You can optionally always add a randomly selected rating to your article views. There is a preferred selection of ratings that contain a keyword from the "search terms" stored in the JTL WaWi and of course you can also exclude ratings here using filters. This creates additional trust at the crucial moment, because when it comes to the decision to put an item in the shopping cart, your customer will read a positive opinion about your shop at that moment. Furthermore, additional valuable content is brought to the article page via the evaluation in connection with the article-specific search terms. This can also be rated positively by Google and lead to better placements in the search results. Optionally, there is a link to your overview page with customer opinions.

You need a paid Pro or Enterprise package from Trustpilot.